A new year brings on new resolutions for many people; it’s the same in the marketing arena. Every business owner or marketer is looking forward to new business opportunities awaiting them in 2018. There may be new challenges, but hope sets the path and pace for business owners and marketers with the right solutions in view.

Hence, every business owner or marketer must be prepared for what lies ahead in the upcoming months to step forward confidently to reach and engage more customers that would boost their business bottom lines. They could deploy just 3 dynamic digital marketing approaches to ride the waves of 2018 market trends confidently.

1) Creating Personalized Experiences

Successful businesses in 2018 are discarding the strategy of “one size fits all”. Modern consumers want personalized experiences from business owners or marketers who must put in more effort to meet this need. There must be uniquely crafted online experiences that would satisfy consumers while meeting their needs and wants.

Relevant and interesting information is preferred by consumers who are constantly exposed to massive data through overwhelming floods of advertising messages. Hence, consumers today are very selective in engaging with ads that are personalized and comfortable. They tend to ignore irrelevant marketing messages which are perceived as clutter or spam.

Personalized experiences can be simple through the apt use of customized landing pages in different marketing campaigns. They can also be elaborate with a fully personalized browsing experience that is related to web-user’s history.

The various options available in the market through advanced digital technologies are now readily available at lower costs with dynamic systems integration made possible for better management. This includes the likes of content management systems (CMS) or analytics software solutions as well as standalone software as a service (SaaS).

Such software solutions are specially designed to provide personalized options for a smooth integration of the CMS and analytics to make the brand stand out in the crowd. This forms a unique digital experience for the customer who is compelled to support the brand.

2) Artificial Intelligence

The strength of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology today is seen in the rampant integration of marketing solutions as it is widely utilized as a tool in delivering individualized experiences to customers. This is a growing trend in the market in winning over target customers to boost the bottom lines of the business.

It is easy to implement a 1-to-1 personalization via AI using the same principles of optimization and segmentation. AI also provides a favorable solution to two greatest challenges; that is, delayed results and lack of scalability.

AI websites would provide impressive personalized services that would be adopted across more marketing and industrial sectors that would have more customers coming to the business shores. This would benefit the brand or business as more target customers are reached quickly.

3) Relevant Content

Another digital marketing resolution that would happen in 2018 is the integration of content marketing into the digital journey of each customer to generate the best of customer engagement. When this happens, the customer could be converted into a loyal customer for life as their needs and wants are constantly satisfied with relevant and useful contents supplied.

Here, marketers must play their part in generating good contents to earn them points with their target customers. Hence, the contents are the strategic marketing resource that would win over identified market audiences. This is where a successful marketing campaign involves creating an engagement strategy that would utilize different media in the business lifecycle of the products.

Marketers and business owners need to consider the application of dynamic techniques like personas and content mapping to achieve their business goals in 2018. This includes the choice of well-produced videos as modern customers prefer videos over text-based promotions and advertising.

More and more traffic is generated on YouTube, where web users are seeking interesting and entertaining videos for the information they want. Video marketing is now very popular amongst business owners and marketers as YouTube reigns as the second largest search engine in the market after Google.

Good promo videos could come in the form of simple ads or very engaging contents depending on the marketing channels deployed. The involvement of social media also impacts the success of the company in its online marketing strategies as live streaming video on Facebook or YouTube are highly popular and effective for generating organic traffic.

Videos in business marketing are shaking the digital world as more businesses are engaged in video marketing using simple video production tools and techniques. Good video contents and dynamic video presentation could turn the tide of target audiences effectively when the videos captivate viewers.

Well-produced videos with excellent contents can be very engaging for staying in the consumer lifecycle in various forms. This includes simple pre-roll YouTube ads which give a quick overview of the brand or company. There are also more elaborate explainer videos through which more information could be conveyed in educating the viewers of attractive offers on the brand or company. Last but not least, there are also live feeds to engage consumers with the brand as interesting and up-to-date data could be provided immediately.


As the digital world continues to evolve with advanced technologies come into play, businesses must stay alert to market trends and changing consumer demands through new marketing tools and solutions. This task could prove overwhelming without the right tools and solutions to compete in the ever competitive market.

Proper planning is required to endure if not survive the challenges that emerge in 2018. This is where an understanding the digital marketing challenges is crucial with a proper resolution guide that would ease the journey for a successful year.

There are experienced and skilled digital marketing experts in town to assist in identifying the best of digital marketing resolutions through the right guide and solutions. This would pave the way for the best of 2018 with optimal results desired. Every brand is unique with different emphasis for unique solutions to excel in the market.