Business owners and marketers today have the best of online platforms such as Pinterest to boost their market presence and business development. It is well known that Pinterest has gained a high volume of fans and followers that seeks out others of like interests and objectives on the Internet.

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is extremely popular as a social media hangout where many web consumers use it to seek out information quickly on the web. It is not primarily for individuals looking for information online, but useful to businesses. The fact that Pinterest is the second referrer of traffic to websites is a strong motivation for businesses to get on the bandwagon for their growth and success in the market.

There are over 150 million active users on Pinterest every month as this social media platform proves to be highly popular amongst entrepreneurs, bloggers and marketers regardless of the business size. This dynamic image-based social media network offers great potentials for dynamic online marketing to connect with relevant business investors and consumers.

Pinterest statistics record 87% of Pinterest users who made a purchase on this platform and more than 5% of referral traffic come from this network. This is a good figure for companies wanting to boost their website traffic.  Moreover, two-thirds of pins come from reliable brands and products that attract many online users’ attention and interest to make an immediate purchase.

Pinterest also offers an attractive 20% referral rate to e-commerce sites; this would draw in more traffic to the business sites which boost the motivation for businesses to get onboard Pinterest. Moreover, Pinterest platform is excellent as a digital bulletin board where a picture or graphic could be pinned to these online boards.

Marketers could pin creative pictures representing their brand or products that would attract the right buyer or customer. They could pin as many images as they like to promote their own brand or company. Every Pinterest board created could be on a specific theme or topic for easy reference or viewing. This is part of the strategic marketing plan adopted by the marketer to attract the preferred target audience to their business shores.

Pinterest also provides marketers and online entrepreneurs a business account with useful features such as relevant marketing analytics that prove useful in managing their business online. Marketers or business owners could also purchase buttons on pins to pin their pictures or visuals dynamically to win over targeted audiences. There are also many other helpful business tools which marketers could access to enhance their online marketing efforts on Pinterest.

It is also possible and easy to design a branded business profile on this dynamic social media platform that would boost brand awareness and draw more target audiences to the business shores.

Dynamic Images

The primary content on Pinterest is the image pinned. This must be interesting enough to captivate the attention of viewers so that an opportunity is generated to engage the audience. It is important for business owners or marketers on Pinterest marketing to be constantly engaged with their target markets in optimizing market exposure for their brand and business.

Pinterest has dynamic features to boost a business in the market by scaling its images uploaded to a certain width for better clarity and presentation. The marketer or business owner could choose any height that would improve the image presentation. The choice of image height on Pinterest would increase the area of delivery for the message; hence, a taller image would impact viewers more as it would be more prominent on the screen.

Target Audience

Pinterest pins are more effective when they are carefully thought out to target specific groups of consumers in the market. This would require the creation of the appropriate boards to the specific niche market or identified target audience. The marketer or webmaster must post the image which would attract the preferred viewers using the best of keywords in the description. This may prompt the viewer to take the right course of action that favors the business.

Having the keywords in the image description is a novel marketing idea that would help web consumers to find the business contents. It is common for a great image to win over more potential business leads for the company because the image is fun or interesting with an appropriate description or the hashtag that allows viewers to understand or appreciate its posting.

This could actually motivate viewers to share the image with their own circles of influence or contacts. A viral effect could be triggered for the company or business to gain more traffic to its shores. The customer base for the business or brand could be enlarged quickly as more potential business leads are generated this way.

Brand Building

A brand must be visible in the market to be established and poised for greater growth and development. Hence, when the brand becomes more visible, more sales and profits are expected to pour in. This requires greater creative juices to be oozed especially with Pinterest images.

This dynamic social media platform allows the use of collaboration boards where other users could post related contents, comments and ideas to the business or brand Pinterest boards. This is part of online social interaction which works to nurture the right online community that would support the brand in the long run. A greater impact could be felt about the brand when the right relations are formed using appropriate visuals.


It is not surprising that Pinterest is known to be a major social media preference for businesses today in successful online marketing endeavors. The number of online users on Pinterest platform is growing monthly; this captures the attention of Google as Pinterest becomes more popular with businesses as more traffic flows.

Businesses that deploy Pinterest marketing could enjoy better search engine rankings with more organic traffic that is more relevant to its business. However, the right understanding must be adopted to enjoy the best of results from indulging in Pinterest marketing. So, businesses should not miss out Pinterest in their online marketing endeavors for greater returns.