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Since January 2018 Google Chrome started adding a warning for any websites asking for passwords and/or credit card information which haven’t got any SSL protection.

If you are not familiar with what SSL is, it’s encryption which will prevent all communication between your visitor and the site from being forged or read by any 3rd parties. In other words, any visitors to an SSL secured website are protected from hackers who are trying to their steal credit card data or passwords.

This is why you absolutely must add SSL certificates to all of your websites that are not currently SSL secured.

Your Chrome browser will start seeing a ‘Not secure‘ message in their browser address bar!

If you ignore this warning your visitors, arriving on your un-secured sites will see in the Chrome

You will find that when they get this message they won’t be hanging around long enough to enter their password details… and they will be even less likely to fill out their credit card info!

Which will mean that income from your non-SSL secured website is about to take a massive downturn? now if you think for one second you can ignore this warning message because few visitors use the Chrome browser, then please think again. The Google Chrome browser is reported to be the most popular web browser [with 55% to 63%] using it TODAY…

I personally use Cloudflare SSL software every day on 95% my sites..  CloudFlare   It’s free as a basic account setup, unlimited sites and a good alternative to a paid SSL from your web host provider. It has excellent training video and support 24/7, I personally have never had an issue using the service and highly recommend you give it a try.