Small and medium businesses struggle to compete with the big boys in the market to stay alive; much less to grow and expand. Hence, it is not surprising to have desperate business owners and marketers of small and medium businesses seeking better marketing alternatives to boost their market presence for survival.

This is where small and medium enterprises or SMEs could consider extending better customer services than bigger companies to win over targeted audiences. SMEs are able to provide customized or personalized services to targeted audiences which big companies may not have the “personal touch” due to their rigid business structure or set-up.

Stellar Customer Services

Every customer wants to be treated well, but it is not easy to satisfy every customer who is different. Businesses may not have the best of customer support services to cater to every customer with different needs. Stellar customer services are hard to find; a stellar customer service team must be formed with the proper training and skills before the best of execution can happen with the desired outcomes.

Hence, SMEs would benefit more if they resort to hiring professional email and chat support services which have specially trained and aptly qualified teams to handle different types of customers. These professional service agents are excellent representatives that can cater to the specific requests of the company’s clients and potential business leads. Business queries, feedback and complaints could be handled in this one-stop center, which would save the company a lot of time, effort and money.

This professional service approach may be the most practical step which SMEs could benefit from on the track of providing excellent customer care. The extra time and resources gained from this outsourcing of services would allow the internal team to focus on business operations and future product/service development.

Handling Multiple Customer-related Tasks

With the rapid progress of digital technology today, it is common to note the rampant use of emails and online chats as part of a business customer support. These are effective and efficient non-voice methods of responding to customers with the desired solutions or answers to their questions or queries.

However, there may be a host of questions and queries which different customers could pose; this could be a daunting task to any customer service personnel that does not have the right interaction skills and charisma.  It is best to hire professional customer service agents that are capable of not only handling business inquiries, but also collect customer data and product/service feedback for the improvement of the business.

This could be a well-organized one-stop service center for the company that could gather important and relevant market data from such enquires that may come from all walks of life in the different parts of the market.

Handling customers well is critical to the success of the company, especially for SMEs that struggle to juggle their act properly in order to be established in the market and take on the big boys. Hence, it is assuring that professional customer service centers are available to take care of customers only; this would be their primary function of the business.

The sole objective of such email and chat service professional centers are to ensure that all business prospects and current customers are well taken care of in every way. A proper system implemented, would help the company monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of the service center to continue its services or request for other features that would improve their services based on the data collected.

What would be critical to the success of this service center would be the genuine hospitality exhibited to every customer that would win them over for the company. This would ensure that no customer or prospective business lead would fall away to competitors. A reasonable target response rate could be put in place to measure the effectiveness of the center’s services.

Non-voice Platform

Email and chat support is quite an ideal customer service approach for many businesses as not every client is comfortable conversing on the phone to express themselves. The email and chat support system is an easy-to-use communication mode for those who dislike personal interactions or find it difficult to express themselves properly in communication.

Emails and chat supports enable such customers to share their opinions and present their questions freely without being inhibited in any way as they register what they want to say from a flowing thought stream. There is no anxiety instigated throughout the service session.

Win-win for Both Parties

A customer support agent can experience great stress when dealing with difficult customers on the other end, but as a professional service provider, the best of character must always be exhibited without triggering any stress or anger on the recipient. Hence, the stress could be doubled on the customer service agent if the stress is not properly managed.

The use of a wrong word or tone would prove detrimental to either party when customer services are in action. One party may feel hurtful or angry with a simple misunderstanding of the message or ambiguity of words used. Mood changes could happen for the worse if the calls are not handled professionally at all times.

The email and chat support system allow the parties to be more relaxed while communicating with one another. There is time to pause as one waits for the other to respond. The written record is an excellent copy for both parties to review what and how the message was conveyed. The written conversation shows the flow of tone and conveyance of facts, truth and meaning.

The service provider can review the conversation track to ensure that all important issues are covered with proper feasible solutions suggested to be acceptable by the recipient before ending the conversation.


Customer service is always a challenge to businesses, even if it is online support. But professional email and chat support can be advantageous when handled with care and proper understanding about the business goals and objectives to be effective and efficient.

This would help small and medium businesses to maximize their resources for further business development.