Businesses today have to make difficult decisions regarding their online advertising as there is a ton of choices at their feet. It can be tough to decide on the path which could either boost their market presence or cause business failure. Business owners and marketers must stay alert to cost-effective and performance efficient advertising means and sources to stay ahead of their competition in the market.

Facebook Options

As noted on the Internet, Facebook is highly popular as a social media network to connect all walks of people across the world. Facebook is also very influential in the business arena to impact market decisions and outcomes with over 2 billion users every month. It is possible to reach more business prospects via Facebook using creative marketing messages.

This is where Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising options are used constantly by business owners and marketers in generating desired web traffic to their business sites. The cost per click is reasonable and is still affordable for most advertisers.

The Facebook platform is very effective in promoting a brand or company via FB ads which is often more affordable than what it would cost to advertise on Google AdWords. Small businesses or new startups with limited marketing budgets are able to afford Facebook advertising.

However, there are subtle and distinct differences with the available online advertising on Facebook. There is Facebook boosted posts as well as Facebook news feed advertising.

Boosted Posts on Facebook

Boosted posts on Facebook are actually sponsored posts which can also be displayed in the news feed; however, there are certain key differences between the two. Facebook boosted posts require payment to ensure a stronger market presence, particularly to targeted audiences. A well-written post could be given an added advantage by making it a sponsored post where the money paid works to attract the right kind of consumers to the business.

This form of paid advertising helps to spread the news of the brand or company faster to reach more potential business leads. These sponsored posts would be displayed in identified business leads’ news feeds. This also forms a quicker and more direct way to reach your audience even if they already in your business mailing list. Hence, no time is wasted by the business owners or marketers in targeting their prospects when they are promoting an offer.

News Feed Advertising

Another potential Facebook advertising avenue is on Facebook’s news feed which is the social network’s backbone. An Ad with interesting content may receive a ‘Like’ and the number of fans and followers could increase to boost the market presence of the brand or company.

Every page or site follower could view the page content from their own Facebook page more conveniently. This news feed advertising option offers online ads to be displayed in the news feed section of your Facebook account. Such advertising is highly effective because the content is delivered to the fans and followers properly with the ads.

Business owners and marketers can easily create an ad from scratch using attractive images paired with an appropriate title and description as well as the URL.

However, a call-to-action displayed depends on the business goal of your ad campaign. It could be an attempt to generate leads, post engagements, branding, or boost the bottom line of the business.

Choice of Options

It is necessary to identify your business goal clearly first before deciding on which Facebook marketing options to use. Business owners and marketers will find it to be an easier task when their goals are clearly identified.

Hence, whether it is to adopt Facebook advertising or to deploy Facebook boosted posts, business owners must ensure that the method that they choose can carry their business message across to their targeted audiences effectively. Only then will you know for sure that the choice that you made is the best advertising format within Facebook in promoting the brand and company. There is an added advantage when businesses deploy Facebook in their marketing endeavors. It is really easy to scale your business because Facebook as it boasts of millions of web users on its platform daily.

Facebook, as the top social media network in the market, works diligently to ensure that they maintain their dominance as an advertising platform.  This is clearly seen with the continuous improvements to its online advertising and marketing features. The growing number of web users on Facebook daily is proof that it is a force to be reckoned with in the world of digital marketing.


Making use of Facebook to boost your brand presence makes good sense for business owners and marketers. It is to be used properly to ensure that business goals are met so that you do not lose money as you advertise. Yes, there is a steep learning curve, but it’s not too hard once you have learnt the ropes.

Understanding Facebook Ad’s features well, businesses can benefit in developing a dynamic online marketing strategy via Facebook ads or boosting a Facebook post. The bigger the marketing budget of a business the more options it is that are available to promote the brand or business in the market to meet the business goals and objectives. All in all, if you are new, we suggest testing with Facebook Boost Post first, and as you learn, move into the more advanced Facebook Ads and take advantage of its multitude of features.


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