Search engine optimization (SEO) may have been misconstrued as a ‘thorn in the flesh’ for many companies striving to get it right in their online marketing endeavors especially with the stringent SEO demands from top search engines like Google. It is not surprising for many online businesses to give up readily on SEO when they are sucked into the vicious cycle of high page ranking and SEO-based websites that must satisfy search engines indexing algorithm.

Many companies that attempted to implement SEO websites through an in-house team may face various struggles that include time, focus, resources and expertise. This may lead to a wrong or low quality implementation which does not offer the desired end results like higher page rankings.

Search Engine Demands

Top search engines like Google would have seemed to be harassing companies with their heavy demands of SEO sites which could be seen in previous search algorithm updates. This impacted the implementation of SEO which became seemingly more complicated than before.

Companies struggled with the new demands from search engines when new updates were made known to comply with for higher rankings on web pages, although this move was intended to benefit web users who prefer greater conveniences with online searches. As technology progresses with the likes of mobile technology bringing on more sophisticated mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, search engines continued to enhance their search algorithms to include mobile-based SEO features on websites, blogs and other content directories or platforms.

The primary objective was to ensure greater convenience on the Internet for mobile users to search via their mobile device, no matter where they are. With an active location via mobile devices, Google offers the most relevant results; first, in their local vicinity and then widening the search net. Hence, companies need to include local search features in their SEO to ensure a reaching out to the local audiences.

Successful SEO Implementation

As digital technology advances, it is no doubt that SEO can become very complex, especially to the amateur webmaster or marketer. A lot of time and effort could be expended without good results on sight. This has caused many companies to give up implementing SEO consistently which can cause a backlash with search engines and their online marketing attempts.

Nevertheless, there are many professional Internet marketing specialists who specialize in SEO implementation for a fee with guaranteed results. These SEO specialists have the experience, knowledge and skills to implement SEO appropriately on business websites without wasting valuable resources which could be allocated for other critical tasks in the company.

Business owners or marketers need to know how to implement SEO successfully to enjoy optimal returns at the end of the day.

1) Deploy Google My Business Listing

One of the dynamic tools in a successful local SEO implementation is the deployment of Google My Business listing feature. It would be necessary to have this feature set up properly to enjoy the end results. The implementation is simple and quick.

Every section of this feature should be completed in detail with an accurate address and contact information. This would enable Google to identify the exact location of the business without delay to enable a proper trawling of the webpage that would ensure a higher ranking. This in turn would draw more potential customers for the company in the search result.

2) Listing on Top Directories

Modern businesses that wish to be successful with SEO must attempt to be listed on top online directories such as Yelp or Ezine. This would give higher credibility to the business as these are well-recognized online platforms on the Internet to draw in a wide range of audience.

In order to get listed on these top online directories, the business owner or marketer should ensure a thoroughly detailed section of relevant information that would enable easy searches by top search engines in identifying the company based on location. This would generate a higher ranking according to their search algorithms with a wider audience reached in the local area. This establishes the brand or business readily in the local market before moving forward to international arenas for further business growth and development.

3) Customer Reviews or Testimonials

Next, the business owners or marketers should encourage their customers to put out favorable online reviews on the brand, products or services as part of their testimonials which could boost the market presence and brand reputation quickly. Such favorable comments could be added to the business site to win over more customers.

Customer reviews are highly effective in getting noticed online through local search engine results. There are professional SEO experts in the market who can assist in this manner for better business outcomes. Every customer could be encouraged to rank the product purchased or service rendered with permission to be posted on the web business site. A simple customer review or testimonial could be a great marketing tool in convincing potential business leads about the brand or business offers.

More customers could be attracted to the brand or business when they hear personally about the satisfaction from real customers who are satisfied with the brand or business offers.

4) Effective Contact Page

Another dynamic component of local SEO is the availability of an up-to-date contact page where web visitors could contact or connect with the business owner or marketer once they are interested in the business offerings. The contact page should include the business address and location which would allow interested business customers to contact the business owner or marketer.

Every page on the website should be ranked effectively with the relevant contact information listed clearly for an immediate response from interested web visitor. This helps the web visitor to make an immediate enquiry or purchase without having to scroll back and forth for the required information.


There are many dynamic pointers to ensure successful local SEO services with many integral components to be implemented. Business owners and marketers need to implement these carefully based on market trends and their business goals or objectives.