Search engine optimization (SEO) is highly coveted in effective network marketing to attract more web traffic to the business shores beside gaining the approval of top search engines in terms of SERP listing. SEO features must be efficiently implemented to win over targeted business audiences that would spike business outcomes

This is a dynamic Internet marketing strategy which many companies are implementing today. There are various SEO features which must be found in a vibrant webpage that would secure the attention of search engines in their search algorithms to draw in more organic traffic to the business shores for more sales.

Business owners and marketers need to be aware of what SEO features work for them in their marketing plans and what do not. There must be an emphasis on those features which boost business outcomes for a company to remain viable in the marketplace.  This would help the business entrepreneurs or marketers avoid marginal profit or even failure with unproductive marketing strategies. The right SEO features could spike the best of SEO marketing strategies that would favor the business for a long time.

5 SEO Tactics to Avoid

As there are many SEO features which could be implemented in an SEO marketing plan, there are certain SEO strategies which should be avoided if possible to optimize the results.

1) Overly Promoted Content

Good contents are desirable in promoting a business, brand or company, but when the contents are overly promoted, targeted business audiences may get bored of receiving them. It would be considered ‘stale’ news or playing a ‘broken’ record when business mailing subscribers keep receiving similar contents over and over again.

2) Non-original Content

Sending out non-original content will not go well with targeted business leads, especially those who are highly discerning in the market. Duplicate contents are not favored as these are considered a waste of time opening the mail to read contents which are already known. This could happen due to article spinning where the business owner or marketer is not creative to come up with fresh contents.

3) Excessive Affiliate Marketing

When there is too much of affiliate marketing happening in a business or brand, it is difficult to handle the various sources to provide the best of services. Too many affiliates may be confusing to targeted business audiences that might get bombarded with different offers with affiliates trying to secure their commissions.

4) Excessive Links

Links are normally known to be a dynamic SEO feature, but when there are too many links to a website or web page, it could prove confusing to web visitors. There may be too many links to check out and the web visitor might be distracted from the original focus or objective. This may cause the business to lose the sale as the web visitor continues to click on the provided links instead of making the preferred call-to-action response.

5) Copied Contents

No matter how desperate business owners or marketers could be, copied contents should not be distributed unless permission or consent is secured from its author beforehand. Stolen or copied contents without consent are viewed as unprofessional in the marketplace which could tarnish the image of the brand. This should be avoided at all costs as there are plenty of professional sources which good contents could be procured without risking damage to the reputation.

SEO strategies could generate a wider scope of market exposure for the business when they are executed aptly; however, there could be adverse impacts on the wrong SEO features implemented. Top search engines continually update their search algorithms to ensure appropriate indexing and evaluating of websites and web pages that adhere to the best of SEO principles.

3 SEO Tactics to Practice

SEO offers a host of delightful marketing tactics which could boost the presence of the brand or business in the marketplace effectively and quickly. These tactics could be readily implemented by business owners or marketers to boost their business bottom lines and market presence.

1) Presentations on SlideShare

Good visuals are deemed an essential marketing element today with the advanced technologies emerging in the marketplace. More and more web consumers prefer to view marketing promotions on well-designed slides that are attractive and professionally created. SlideShare presentations, as well as YouTube videos, are very popular with online consumers today who prefer visual presentations over textual information. Such contents would be better received with more business opportunities created for the business owners or marketers to get engaged with their preferred business leads.

2) Unique Images

Web consumers today are attracted by appealing images that represent the brand or business. These help them connect with and remember the brand and business more easily to make quick purchasing decisions that would benefit the business bottom line. Unique and appealing images like customized textual images help to promote the brand or products and services easier to draw in the desired groups of web customers.

3) Unique Content

Unique contents are always highly sought after as web consumers want to be different or prefer to get their hands on information which others may not be able to. Unique contents are normally high value-added to be attractive in the market. Business owners and marketers who provide unique contents are meeting the specific needs of their targeted audiences that would remain loyal for a longer period of marketing.


With the right SEO strategies using the best of relevant SEO features in any online marketing endeavor, the business owner or marketer would enjoy quick returns on their investment. Although SEO tactics are very popular and fiercely implemented by many marketers and business entrepreneurs, no success is guaranteed on their implementation unless the right features are selected and aptly deployed with a proper understanding of the market and technological changes happening.

This is because what works today may not tomorrow and what works for one company may not for another. Many businesses may execute trial and error approaches on preferred SEO strategies to find viable options in boosting their market presence and bottom lines.