Good contents are highly sought after in every business for their website to enjoy better rankings from search engines like Google. However, in order to procure quality contents that are unique and relevant, the right tools must be implemented to draw traffic to their shores.

Links Dynamics

Links are crucial online marketing tools which are very essential for web traffic to flow to the business sites. Good links need to be generated at strategic locations across the Internet to draw in targeted niche traffic that serves to boost business outcomes and bottom lines.

Good links are important elements that attract the attention of search engines like Google to be accorded high ranking. However, they must be appropriate and well positioned in reputed locations that would boost their existence.

Quality contents could be triggered as viral substance if they are identified and shared by a flood of web users. This can only happen if good links draw the attention of Google to crawl its site and evaluate the contents to be ranked higher in its SERP listing. These links offer the search engine relevant information about the website structure which Google would analyze its SEO factors to be accorded a high or low ranking.

Business owners and marketers need to understand the importance of SEO on their websites to generate the desired web traffic to their shores. It is imperative for business owners and marketers to be highly focused on its proper implementation in their online marketing endeavors for better site ranking.

1) Improving Site Usability

One of the dynamic online marketing tools is internal links which prove to be extremely helpful to boost site usability especially with the presence of relevant anchor texts. To achieve this, webmasters would need to implement user-friendly links that are relevant in strategic places such as blogs, classified directories, article directories and even PDFs.

These links serve to redirect interested web readers to the right site where another related article or blog content is found. This is a smart way to reduce bounce rate and increase the stay time at the company site instead of web users moving to competitors’ sites. Hence, good links coupled with good contents could keep the targeted web users interested in what is offered to make a favorable decision for the company before leaving the site.

2) Spiking Page Views

 Internal linking can help boost the page views of a site as well as assist web visitors to navigate the site easily. This would spike retention rate where web visitors would want to stay longer at the site to check out its contents. Good links that are aptly positioned in the web page could boost the chances of a conversion from an onlooker to a loyal purchaser.

More organic leads could be generated when web visitors find the contents interesting as they are led from page to page via internal links. This saves them the time to search out related articles to secure what is desired. Hence, the website must have proper links and fast page loading features to satisfy web visitors who may share the link with their contacts.

 3) Improve Web Page Ranking

Another important role of internal links is the power to increase web page ranking with the right keyword or targeted keyword phrases in the article. When the page ranking improves, the overall website ranking is also improved. This is part of the dynamics of SEO strategies in online marketing which search engines seek after.

If the website has higher rankings, there is a higher chance of more web traffic flowing to it as web users tend to click on sites with higher rankings. Market research shows that web visitors tend to click on URLs on the first page of SERP listings from the top before moving down the list. Rarely would they skip to subsequent pages as they trust in the SERP listing of credible sites in their online searches?

 4) Higher Visitors Retention

When a webpage has good internal links, this can spike web visitor retention rate as the web reader may find the contents introduced to be interesting and relevant. They will tend to browse more and stay on that site; perhaps making a purchase decision or share its contents or URL with their circles of contacts. This is free advertising for the site which should be capitalized on.

Good contents are known to be dynamic online marketing components that would ensure the success of any well-planned marketing strategy. They are the best reasons for web visitors to stay on at the site and be converted into loyal customers over time. Business owners and marketers should capitalize on this to connect with every such web visitor to boost conversion rates. A proper call-to-action feature should be incorporated into the webpage that would allow more business opportunities for the business owner or marketer.

With proper interaction strategies, business owners and marketers could build strong customer relations and establish a strong support that would boost market awareness of the brand or company. More potential business leads could be introduced as these satisfied consumers advertise freely on the site through sharing the contents or URL on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter.


Internal links can be a very powerful marketing tool which businesses and bloggers should capitalize on for more traffic to their sites. Greater market awareness could be achieved with good internal links properly positioned in the right places on the web pages to offer relevant and useful information to web visitors.

Search engines like Google will also be attracted to such features which are deemed SEO relevant to accord higher rankings to the page or website. Good internal links are a boost to businesses where more potential customers could be identified.

The benefits of internal linking are effective in improving the online status of the website with regards to SEO which search engines may seek after. There are professional SEO consultants and service providers who are skilled and experienced to generate internal links for a website.