Attractive website designs are a must to draw in the preferred crowds or targeted audiences. However, it is known that web design trends do change frequently with the rapid changes of digital technology. Website owners and webmasters are keenly keeping track of the web design trends which 2018 would bring on.

Website Design Concepts

Many interesting website design concepts seem to be in the pipeline for 2018 with the emergence and prominence of interactive animations and artificial intelligence. Newer technologies such as virtual reality and voice recognition are fast becoming the mainstream to set the pace and trend on website designs.

Website designs are poised to become more streamlined and clean without excessive frills and fancies. Simplistic designs without overloading web users’ senses are preferred to entice these online visitors.

Mobile Browsing Priority

2018 is expected to offer dynamic website design concepts that would cater to sophisticated and advanced mobile devices as most web users become ardent mobile users. News on cell phones and tablets as the preferred online browsing device is loud and clear with a strong push for optimized mobile friendliness in websites.

Sleeker & Cleaner Layout

Web designers are steering towards sleeker and cleaner website concepts that generate better browsing performance. This excludes image-heavy pages that load slowing, which frustrate web visitors. Website simplicity turns on the smarter utilization of negative space with better features and options including mobile friendliness and faster downloads.

2018 would see less of flamboyant and gimmicky designs on websites where the focus is on increasing conversions. Less distraction would be generated with negative space drawing the web users’ attention to be engaged proactively.

Eye-Catching Typography

Web sites should include beautifully crafted typography to impart character or stir up emotion to set the mood right for a webpage. Web designers are likely to play with innovative typography to appeal to web users for more visits. Bold and expressive fonts that are artistic are replacing images with more unique and hand-rendered typography rising up.

2018 would bring on more bold headers and text links rather than buttons. However, a trickle-down effect could happen to SEO techniques as well as content marketing practices.

More Importance on Video

2017 saw the rapid and consistent rise of short, entertaining corporate videos which confirms its significance as a multipurpose marketing medium today for many businesses. Well-produced videos are excellent as an alternative approach to reach targeted consumers through storytelling.

It is a fact that videos are becoming more popular with web users; this urges businesses to incorporate more videos in their online marketing strategies which are fast impacting web design trends in 2018. There is greater inspiring web user engagement as Facebook, Twitter and other dynamic online platforms encourage the use of videos.

There would be changes to websites where new and dynamic marketing features such as 360 vids and modeling as well as interactive apps being deployed.

Subtle Animations

Sophisticated web browsers through progressive technologies would handle animations more dynamically and efficiently in 2018 with greater cinemographs as well as scroll-triggered images. There would be a better balance between a static image and videos of quick clips that generate just enough dynamic imagery to entice viewers.

Scroll-triggered animations would be deployed to attract web visitors to specific areas on the page via simplistic and tactical user friendly interface for increasing conversions and user engagements. Hence, web users would be prompted to stay longer at the site.

Voice User Interfaces

Voice user interface would come on to revolutionize web browsing as web users’ interaction with the system increases via the spoken word. More voice searches would be activated using Digital Assistant or Natural Language Processing; hence, the website content must be of high quality and interesting to generate the demand on open-ended searches.


Web users prefer to interact with the website without reloading the page; this can happen to proper micro-interactions that would ensure a smoother web user experience without an interruption to online searching. Micro-interactions are able to eliminate loading delays to ensure better online interactions for web visitors who would linger longer at the site to fulfill their need or want.

Progressive Web Apps

As mobile apps become increasingly popular, many website designers are blending traditional app features with mobile friendly web pages. This type of development is known as a progressive web app where the website app is a hybrid to cater to the different groups of web users.

The functionalities of websites would transform to include better features such as push notifications, offline mode, splash screens and animated page transitions. There would be better cognitive capabilities and automation with a higher dependency on natural language processing. Sophisticated apps would learn to react to the different personal preferences and style of different web users.

Facebook Dynamics

As Facebook becomes more popular in the market, there would be more businesses riding on its wave of success to be seen in the marketplace. Facebook is a dynamic marketing platform for businesses to perform business reviews, live chats and video generation. Facebook hashtags are highly useful for web visitors to discover new information to become a business prospect immediately.

Good business experience must be well developed on Facebook where more web traffic is driven to the site for more sales and profits.

Responsive Design

A dynamic website must have a responsive web design using CSS media queries that offer flexible page layouts for enhancing web user’s online experience. The contents are adjusted to be displayed according to the device utilized. Companies will leverage on this trend in 2018 to secure the desired search rankings for more web traffic.

Tighter Security

The prominence of malicious hacking last year triggered off the need for tighter online security to protect web customer’s personal data. The security certificate must be constantly updated for all pages. This would attract more web users who are confident that their data would not be violated by unauthorized parties.


Although the future cannot be easily predicted, it is certain that the online landscape will constantly change; hence, businesses should not be left behind.

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