Videos have gained a lot of popularity in internet marketing and they are now widely used by bloggers all over the world. We all need to appreciate how widespread the use of mobile phone is today. The existence of very high-speed wireless internet had made videos very accessible and popular form of online content. Online videos today make around 74 percent of all the online content. Also, you may notice that modern video marketing isn’t all about YouTube.

There is so much more to it. Some 500 million people will watch videos on Facebook on a daily basis while 10 billion videos are watched on snap chat. People tend to spend more time on pages that have videos than on pages that do not. This makes it clear that anyone who does not use video in their marketing strategy is really missing out on an opportunity to deepen the connection with customers.

If you separate your video content and marketing efforts, you are also missing out on great opportunities. You can only fully capitalize on your videos by integrating it with other channels and a blog spot is one of the greatest places where you can start.

The whys and how’s of incorporating videos on your blog


A great part of the world population is visual learners and this is what makes tutorials so effective. The tutorials are very easy to create especially when they are about something specific as a software tutorial. The tutorials can be posted as standalone posts or they can come with a text tutorial and form a part of the blog.

Vlogs or video summaries

If you really love what you write about in your blog, then it is definitely worth having a video about it. You can summarize the points of your article with a good video and then expand further in the form of writing. This is an approach that works very well, especially because the short videos usually get a lot of engagement. You can actually post a summary on YouTube and then link it to a version that is has more details. You may also choose to write a transcript for the video.

If you do not have lots of time, you can choose the vlog-only kind of format for some of the blogs. If you choose to do this, then you should break down the articles into different blogs to ensure that you achieve maximum engagement.

About us videos

Most websites have got an ‘about us’ section and you notice that very many people visit this page directly just after the home page. When you share an ‘about us’ video showing what you do exactly is a great way of giving yourself a personality. Make sure that the videos are less than two minutes and they should always be focused on the brand story.

Creating a background video is also a great idea so that you can tell your story in your own words. Some humor also goes a long way in attracting more and more people to learn more about your company and your brand.

Share video reviews

Almost every product comes with a video review. For the health and beauty industries, you find that video reviews are the main thing for the businesses. The best thing to do is to share reviews on your own website. You may share them as blog posts and add reviews to the about us page. If the product has a review on YouTube especially when the YouTube channel is well known, you can add it to the press page as well as the media kit.

If you do not have any reviews, there are some reviewers who accept free products while others are willing to take part in media campaigns. There are different services that usually connect social media influencers and business owners.

If you have a service based kind of business, then you can have video testimonials. They don’t need to be of high quality, but you can have them on the testimonials page as well as the about us page.

How you can use the videos in a blog post

There are some options when it comes to adding videos to a blog. You can either host them or embed videos from YouTube onto your website. Most of the time, you are better off when you host YouTube videos. Self-hosting can be very expensive while YouTube offers you a chance to access a couple of SEO analytics tools. Hosting videos give you some presence on YouTube. When it is built right, your channel can have its own life and start attracting a lot of customers to the business.

Embedding YouTube videos to your blog is very simple and can be done only in a few steps and you will be good to go.

More advice

Regardless of the video’s strategy that you settle for, you need to know all your goals and work hard to achieve them. When all you want is a website spruce up, you can have several videos to share your vision and story with your clients. Just make sure that all of them are shot in the same style.

To have a huge presence on YouTube, you need to experiment more and enjoy the low production value of your individual videos. Be sure to upload something each week to continue engaging with your audience.

When you are not very sure of the best approach that you should take, it never hurts to carry out some research, especially on businesses that are in the same industry as you. Find out what they are doing and then find out the best ways to improve. You can connect with your team to gather more ideas. Do research even if you already know what it is you intend to create. You may be very surprised by the things that work within your own industry.

Not sure what approach you want to take?

Research what other businesses in your industry are doing, and figure out how you can improve it and write ‘how to’ blog posts of your own. Meet with your team to gather ideas. In fact, do the researches even if you think you know what to create. You might be surprised by what actually works in your industry.

We all need to appreciate the fact that embedding videos on a blog post is one of the best ways of attracting readership and eventually getting conversions. It is one of the best ways to increase your return on investment.

Using videos and audios in blogs to increase engagement with customers

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