Multilevel marketing (MLM) is known to be a one of the online home-based business venture that could bring in a lucrative income to the diligent marketer. However, it requires a lot of web traffic to flow to the affiliate website to generate sales and income. This would require the use of online marketing strategies such as paid advertising.

Impact of Paid Advertising on MLM

A huge targeted leads for any MLM business could be procured via paid advertising if implemented properly. One effective form of paid advertising is to use solo ads. However, there is a learning curve and you do need to understand it to be able to implement it for optimum results.

Solo ads are advertisements which publishers with an email list in certain niche markets display in their email broadcasts to promote the brand or business of business owners or even marketers in return for a fee. This would be the only advert seen in that email; hence, its name ‘solo ad’. Because there are no other distracting ads, this kind of advertising can be very effective for the solo ad buyer.

The impact of a solo ad is strong because advertising on a targeted list can quickly bring potential business leads for your company. Such advertisements can easily garner MLM leads that are relevant to support the MLM system that you are promoting. This is a highly effective marketing strategy to attract the right potential business leads that would grow an MLM business.

Advantages of Solo Ads

One of the advantages of solo ads is its cost effectiveness. It is fairly inexpensive in running a solo ad compared to other advertising options because you get to reach people who are already pre-qualified for your offers. However, if the publisher list is fairly large and relevant, the price of advertising may increase because you will be getting a larger volume of traffic.

Solo ads make it easy for business owners or marketers to acquire results as one promotion could be handled to reach a huge number of targeted recipients. Moreover, each Solo Seller’s list could be a good testing ground to confirm its viability as a suitable list for the purpose of generating leads to grow a business.

Solo ads are also suitable for the brand or company to secure some leverage in online advertising. A new or small business start-up may not have the necessary resources to build a desired target customer list to establish its brand in the market, but the availability of a reliable Solo Ad list helps speed up the list building of a brand in the market. It is smart to manipulate readily available assets even at a cost instead of spending time and effort while going through trial and errors in generating a desired mailing list.

Tips in Deploying Solo Ads

Knowing that solo ads are effective in attracting targeted MLM leads, business owners and marketers need to apply these tips in their implementation to ensure success and attractive returns.

1) Personal Research

Before implementing a solo ad, business owners or marketers should investigate on the preferred Solo Ad list personally. This will help to confirm the relevancy and suitability of the list as well as the reliability of the seller. A business owner or marketer could subscribe to the publisher as a business prospect to check and confirm the suitability of their own offers in the future.

This helps the business owner or marketer determine if their preferred MLM leads could be generated from the publisher list based on the contents sent out. This, in return, help business owners or marketers know if the solo ad purchase will be worth it or not. They can save their time and money when they do the proper research before making a purchase.

2) Tracking Results

It is important for business owners or marketers to track the results of the solo ads. A unique tracking code needs to be used to track the number of clicks generated from the publisher list. This tracking process enables the advertiser to understand which solo ads did the MLM leads come from and help them decide if they should purchase from the same seller again in the future.

3) Activate Data Capture Page

Always make sure that your email swipe comes with a link back to your offer when it comes to buying solo ads. However, the link should lead prospects to the right data capture page that would gather the desired leads to connect with later. That way you can build your list and then later on you can start promoting your own offers to that list. Learn to build a relationship with your list first before trying to sell them on your MLM offers.

Interested MLM leads would be taken to the right Facebook page where they can be engaged with the brand to input their ideas and comments to build brand recognition.

4) Testing Results

Running solo ads requires testing of results to confirm its viability as an effective online marketing strategy that brings in the desired outcomes. It is possible to run many solo ads on at the same time using different publishers’ lists before identifying the best list that offers the best returns on investment.

Testing the results is important to confirm the effectiveness of the list. A good test would determine the increase of web traffic to the site as well as an increase lead volume. Every solo ad run should produce these informative results to help business owner or marketer to see if the solo ad is worth their money.

5) Testing the Ads

When the preferred publishers and their lists have been identified an effective lead generators, you should do further split test different ads to confirm which ad is performing the best. This means that business owners and marketers should not reuse the ad too frequently on the same publisher lists as this may cause the recipients to be wary of the message.

It is better to test out the different copy in the solo ads to identify which one draws in the biggest traffic and the largest targeted MLM leads.

6) Repeat Usage

Last but not least, when the best publisher list has been found and proven through the right tests, these lists are deemed as valuable. This means, you should be buying solo ads from these lists on a regular basis with new interesting contents.

In short, there solo ads can be a very profitable traffic source for those of you in the MLM niche. Try it out and you will be surprised with the results.

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