The ‘good old days of marketing’ through leaflets and pamphlets have dissipated quickly with the turn of the century as digital technology comes rushing in like a strong wind that does not seem to stop blowing. Its dominance and influence are widely and deeply felt across the globe in all areas from the marketplace to the home.

There are various signs of progress made in digital technology that businesses are still left grasping the basics with the likes of IoTs dependency, Blockchain, and the likes. Businesses will need to be on their toes in 2018 if they do not want to miss the top SEO trends flooding in like a great wind.

Potential SEO Trends

It may not be too hard to make the proper prediction on what the top SEO trends may be in 2018 with telltale signs of their upcoming arrival. Business owners, marketers and webmasters need to stay alert to these marketing tips for a big scoop at the right time to benefit huge but one false move could bring devastating ruin.

A well-designed and developed website would be a necessity for any modern business manipulating the Internet and digital technology. Although most businesses are boasting of customized websites, many fail to achieve high rankings on the SERP list of top search engines like Google.

The stringent indexing and search algorithms of Google cause businesses to shudder in keeping check with its specific requirements for good ranking as Google is known to be an extremely shrewd analyzer.  It requires constant feeds of updates and new trends. Every website must be regularly upgraded to be updated for the best online user experience before a good ranking would be awarded by Google; else, it is deemed that the site has not complied well with the stringent search engine requirements that include incorporating the latest SEO trends.

The fact that Google’s search algorithm keeps changing with the latest SEO trends is a testament to its commitment to providing better web user experience during searches. Businesses that would stay alert to these changes are wise to stay on the good side of Google for optimum ranking on its SERP list.

1) Google AMP

Google’s AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a special project or new initiative by the giant search engine to encourage the built of the best user-friendly websites. This is highly embraced by web users who tend to spend more time searching on the web today than yesterday.

This new SEO trend offers a lighter and simpler HTML version which is in growing demand by users. Google AMP gives a more enhanced online user experience while doing away with slower loading of web pages. This attracts more web traffic to the site to position the AMP as a dynamic market game changer poised to dominate the SEO realm.

It is an impressive feat that AMP pages can load normal web pages 30 times faster and web users are able to adjust accordingly for optimal results.

Still Redirect  

In the past, it did not seem that Redirects were favored while being termed “SEO leaks” but in 2018, it is likely that redirects would make a stronger impact on the way web users manipulate their searches and web time with the changing SEO requirements.

Redirects are very much in the running with the support of Google that they are no longer contributing to SEO leaks. All sites can deploy a couple of hundreds of redirects to rank themselves without any problem.

Social Media Redirection

Branding is essential in a dynamic online marketing campaign, and dynamic branding is critical to ensure success and expansion in the market. With the strong growing influence of social media, branding activities must be actively executed to reach a wider target audience.

Google has all the necessary tools and solutions for business owners and marketers to be set up on securing a better ranking on their website, especially if their sites are performing well on social media platforms. Hence, it is of great benefits for a business to be found and seen proactively on popular social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

When the website is well known on social media channels, big time real-time benefits abound. As more likes and good reviews on the business website are garnered via social media, there would be more chances of higher web traffic being directed to the website to benefit the bottom line of the company. One social media channel could redirect web traffic to the other social media channel where the website might also be found.

Quality Content

As digital technology advances, more sophisticated features would also be included in the manner in which businesses take on promoting their brands and offerings. Dynamic searches in the past used to demand the best of keywords which were highly demanded by search engines in evaluating a site but today, changing trends bring on new requirements, expectations, and demands.

Today, keywords are out; quality content is in. This refers to relevant and interesting information which web users enjoy and find useful. This is meant by quality contents in demand. It is not referring to promotional materials or business messages which the company wants to be conveyed. Hence, businesses must learn to change or adjust their content generation strategy to be more relevant and contemporary.

There must be a deeper focus on offering quality contents that would meet and satisfy the needs of users who may decide to visit the site regularly for more such materials. They may be prompted to take on the call-to-action response on the site and leave their contact information or subscribe to the business mailing list.


2018 is set to hold exciting moments for all businesses that are watching the market trends and picking up the tips trailing behind. Emerging SEO trends are bound to be visible to those that are alert and vigilant to take advantage of the opportunities arising.

When the right steps are undertaken, a business could push up its ranking higher on the SERP listing to enjoy more traffic and profits.