Tips for Using Opt-In Forms in Emails

Business owners and marketers are clearly aware of the power of email marketing today as they learn to manipulate this marketing strategy to bring in the desired business outcomes quickly. Email marketing is well known to reach the targeted masses as the business message is sent out through a well-written email. Such an email could have greater effects than that of text messaging, social media platforms or online forums.

Receiving an email works well as recipients can choose to open the mail or not. They can open the mail when they are most relaxed to read the contents with a calm state of mind before making the right action that favors the brand or company. If the email message is well written, the reader would be drawn to the contents which could be relevant and useful besides being interesting to read and take the proper action.

Components of Email

The success of email marketing lies in the ability of business owners and marketers to understand the dynamics of the email components to manipulate them properly for the desired optimal results. This would include opt-in and pop-up forms, single versus double opt-in, mobile friendliness and preview before implementation.

Opt-in Form

The opt-in form is very important for the business to grow as it is liken to a consent agreement between the customer and business owner or marketer. The parties acknowledge their interest in the brand, company or products/services offered; hence, the use of the opt-in form is a form of authorization for each party to contact one another with further information.

If an opt-in form is submitted, the business owner or marketer secures permission to connect with the web user to send out business contents or messages in the form of email newsletters, sales promotions and brand updates. Opt-in forms to be filled out by web visitors are more appealing if the webpage has been aptly designed and structured throughout the website.

Double Opt-in Feature

Another option for business owners and marketers is the double opt-in feature where the web visitor confirms consent by clicking the prepared link made available in the email. This enhances the building of relationships with potential business customers while ensuring better quality or organic web traffic to the business site, although the number of sign-ups might be reduced.

Pop-up Forms

Business owners and marketers can also deploy pop-up forms for targeted web visitors and potential business customers to sign up on their email list. This option could be construed negatively as certain web visitors may find the sudden appearance of pop-up forms annoying and improper while they are browsing the pages.

Pop-up forms must be carefully administered while being mindful of the target audience that may be interested in the quality contents published and yet not sign up at the first visit. If the pop-up forms are subtly displayed without overusing to disturb web visitors in their browsing, it may encourage their subscription after reading through the article which provides useful and helpful information or solution.

Right Opt-in Preference

The market offers many types of opt-in features which can benefit the business when these are aptly deployed. If an auto-responder is preferred with a pop-up, business owners and marketers could select the single or double opt-in depending on their preference.

The preferred opt-in form could be set up properly at the right place and time in the form of pdf, tutorial video or eBook which web visitors are more comfortable or familiar with. This would encourage web visitors to use the opt-in form when prompted by the system which could manage the collation of sign-in data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

A simple and short message on the receiving of business mails could then be executed regularly and favorably with web subscribers. This would reduce the potential complaints and dissatisfactions of subscribers having their email in-box inundated with business newsletters.

Mobile Friendly Feature

As technology progresses rapidly today, it is clear that mobile technology is making a strong and lasting impact on modern consumers; many of which are sporting sophisticated mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets that can get on the web 24/7 with powerful apps.

This is where the website must be mobile optimized to cater to the growing number of mobile users in the market. As the mobile devices have smaller screen space, it could be quite annoying for pop-ups to come on the screen when mobile users are browsing their information. This can be rectified with auto-responders which are designed to be mobile friendly. This would encourage the mobile user to take the right call-to-action by submitting their email address or contact information quickly.

Short Form Effectiveness

Web users are busy consumers who do not like to waste time with a lot of information indulged on them particularly personal information. Business owners and marketers should not demand such information from web visitors through a long subscribe form requiring more time and effort to fill out.

A shorter and simpler subscription or opt-in form is more advantageous where fewer but important contact information is required. This could be filled out quickly by web visitors who tend to oblige over long forms. Procuring the contact information such as valid email address suffices for the business owner or marketer to connect with potential business leads and build strong customer relations easily.

Preview by Testing

It is necessary to conduct a preview of the opt-in forms through a trial or testing to ensure that all runs well before the system goes live. This is crucial to the image of the brand which must not suffer damage before hitting the market.

A trial or testing would confirm if every component is checked and working well. Adjustments can be made easily to ensure that the needs of web visitors would be aptly satisfied with the best online experience.


If the email marketing opt-in form includes a special warm welcome, free gift or discount to the web visitors, many would sign in quickly for signing up to your list.