The new year brings about new technologies and new trends with the apps industry leading the pack. This is an inevitable direction of growth and innovation in advanced technologies such as mobile technology and dynamic marketing approaches to help businesses remain competitive in the market.

With the rapid development of apps in the market via mobile technology, the mobile app development is experiencing phenomenal growth today since its inception. Today, more and more businesses are becoming acutely aware of the dynamics of a mobile app which is no longer an option in a highly competitive market. Investment approaches and directions today require a serious indulgence in mobile apps that are vibrant and dynamic to targeted consumers.

Mobile Apps Dynamics

Mobile apps today are viewed as a prerequisite for businesses to survive in the market; they are used to boost sales and expand current markets while generating stronger customer loyalty. It is not surprising that the app economy would have been in the market for a decade this year with more goodies to offer businesses that continue to indulge in it dynamism.

There are various potential market trends or mobile apps developments which would spur its growth this year.

1) The Internet of Things

The rise of mobile apps could be attributed to the Internet of Things (IoT) which refers to the particular digital technology that supports sensor devices in appliances and electronic equipment for automatic operations and control. This is due to the constant evolution of digital technologies that bring about many potential features in new devices which are highly advanced and sophisticated.

The emergence of IoT apps in the market is strongly felt in many fields which encourage apps developers to seek out more friendly devices that would support remote control operations and monitoring. The cycle is never ending as all parties work towards a win-win situation.

Here, mobile devices would be favored for syndicating data which causes a boost in IoT appliances. This in turn would spur the availability of sophisticated devices which offer consumers greater flexibility in controlling and monitoring many useful appliances remotely for higher convenience.

2) Accelerated Mobile Pages

Modern consumers today want their information fast; hence, it is highly unacceptable for an app or website to take its time loading or sending the required information. Consumers today are unlikely to wait long for what they want with the many options on the web. The market has become highly competitive with many options for web consumers.

This has caused Google to generate an attractive solution such as the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) where mobile web pages would be quickly downloaded to the relevant mobile device.

Such an approach is very lucrative in attracting more targeted niche markets where more SEO advantages are available with Google offering effective separate search indexing services for mobile web. It is highly likely that more and more companies will turn to AMPs this year for a wider market.

3) Android Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps was a dynamic marketing approach introduced by Google as native apps which are super-friendly with their dynamic usability features. These apps are poised to become more prominent in coming years as they operate more efficiently than normal apps which require installation. With the easy availability of Android devices in the market, modern consumers form the biggest pushers for Android Instant apps today.

Android Instant Apps are able to operate similarly to mobile web pages with a high accessibility to many dynamic features and benefits to users. These apps also consume less mobile memory space to attract more users who would enjoy greater convenience online. Hence, the market experiences a greater number of mobile users who deploy Android Instant Apps on their mobile devices.

4) Virtual Reality /Augmented Reality Apps

Another uprising mobile app is the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) app. These apps are making their presence felt in the games and entertainment market with a growing response. With the strong support of advanced digital technology to revolutionize online user experiences, more and more businesses are expected to grow with VR and AR trending the market.

This is not an unexpected trend in the mobile apps space as VR and AR are highly popular among the younger generations which grew up with digital technologies. Moreover, one of the conclusive reasons for this chartered path of evolution this year is the ability of these apps to ensure an immersive real-time visual experience to their users. These apps are readily available on products or services that users wish to have on. This is a great attraction to the younger generation online users who readily embrace these apps and related technologies.

5) Cloud Computing

Another most anticipated trend in mobile apps space is cloud computing, which has become a phenomenon today. The myriad of benefits in cloud computing attracts many companies to jump onto its bandwagon.

Cloud computing allows mobile apps to put in lots of inherent data in a cloud space besides activating heavier tasks and processes seamlessly on mobile devices with an easy pick up on the data. Hence, there is greater data authenticity and faster speed as well as stronger privacy of apps on a cloud computing platform.

Moreover, cloud computing assists app companies to indulge in maximizing data collection and storage as well as conducting real-time analysis on data. It is expected that many more apps would take on cloud hosting to enhance online user experience with better access speed.


From the looks of market trends today, it is not surprising to conjecture that mobile apps are likely to progress dynamically in 2018 with a greater evolution as digital technology advances. There would be potential out-of-the-box advancements and features which would be developed quickly by inspired apps developers taking advantage of the market opportunities and resources.

With this in mind, it is clear that every aspiring app entrepreneur should capitalize on progressive innovations which are prominently dynamic to enjoy the best outcomes in the market while businesses take on these apps trends to remain in the game.