Business owners and marketers find it a challenge to convince targeted customers of the brand and products or services due to the heavy competition in the market. They may be adopting vibrant marketing strategies to promote their brand and products, but customers may hesitate to come on board if the promotional info is unappealing. Hence, it is crucial to design the contents attractively to win over their target audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular online marketing techniques deployed by businesses today as it is highly effective in reaching targeted niche markets. However, the massive volume of emails an average person receives on a daily basis may cause some business emails to be ignored or trashed even before it reaches the in-box.

It is necessary to ensure that the email is delivered to the intended in-box and read by the targeted recipients for a favorable response to the brand. This is why the email design must be attractive to grab the attention of the recipient as they continue to read the contents of the email.

The design of an email newsletter should appeal to the targeted recipient and make them want to open the mail to read its full content. This requires creativity and proper skills in presenting the email in a manner that prompts the recipient to actually open the email when it is delivered to their in-box.

Layout Customization

Different target audiences would use different devices to read their emails; it is no longer just the desktop or laptop in which web consumers access their emails. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are known to be popular because people can open their emails from anywhere at any time. It’s really convenient.

This is why emails must be delivered to the right recipients on their preferred reading device so that the mail is opened and read. Hence, the email layout must also be customized to fit the device used by targeted email recipients. This act alone could win over the recipient and turn them into a customer for life.

An unsophisticated email layout is preferred as it accommodates the different sizes of the screen device used. With the number of mobile users increasing today and a vast number of this population uses their mobile devices to read their email; businesses must strive to provide promotional emails that are readable on mobile devices.

Have an Email Teaser

An email teaser is an effective way to entice email recipients to open the email for a full read. The email teaser is a great opportunity to ease up the recipient to connect with the brand or company as it helps the recipient decide on opening the email for reading.

An email teaser could be very short and cleverly worded, but at the same time, intriguing to cause the reader to ponder over its intention and outcomes. A teaser could also offer some enlightenment of the email contents that might spark an interest in the offer.

Using Call-to-Action  

A call-to-action (CTA) feature is now essential in a successful email marketing campaign. This is important because a good CTA allows the email recipient to move on to the next phase of the marketing funnel. The CTA is an important online marketing component which should be strategically placed in the email so that it is obvious. Hence, more email marketers are found to place their CTA links in the front portion of the email. Time is money and savvy mail marketers know this. They place the appropriate link and call to action earlier on in their emails for busy readers who wants to skip the fluff and get to the point fast.

Every marketing tactic has only a few seconds to captivate their targeted audience’s attention. An email recipient may have too many emails to check out. A clear and appealing email title and matching brand logo would help to direct the attention of the email recipient to the brand and its offerings quickly instead of being obscure.

It is important to ensure that your email recipient is quickly captivated on your offers when they are looking at the list of emails within their inbox. The brand logo should stand out to capture the attention and stir up curiosity. Hence, a logo should be placed at a spot where the eye tends to look at in an email.

Right Font Size

The font size must be big enough to be legible so that the words could be read and understood quickly by email recipients. This would help your lists to make favorable decisions towards the your offer when they do not need to waste time digesting the contents.

The right types of fonts are also impactful on recipients. But be extra careful on cursive and fanciful fonts because they may be difficult to read and this can cause the recipients to be ‘turned off’ by your messages.

The use of graphic images

Email recipients like to view interesting and attractive images in most content delivered. These images help them to decipher the actual content message quickly besides capturing their attention. Good images could reflect the brand or company in a positive manner.

With the increasing use of smaller screens on mobile devices, graphic images need to be selected wisely to avoid taking up excessive space or slow down the loading time. Emails could have alternate-text descriptions of images if the download fails.

Personal Touch

Emails should be designed with a personal touch that could resonate with your list. This can boost the relationship and spike user engagements with the brand and marketer favorably.

Customized emails are preferred as recipients feel a stronger connection with the marketer. This opens up more business opportunities to introduce your offers to the target audience.


The right email design helps boost the readability of the email by your targeted recipients. The recipients will be attracted to the email, open it and read its contents immediately instead of delaying or even deleting the email. This will help the brand or company in the long run.

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The design of your email decides whether the customer will read it or not!

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