Businesses are set up for success; hence, it is not presumptuous to start a business today, although it may kick off as small, it is expected to grow over time. This is how entrepreneurs are motivated in a business startup. However, it is true that every business would face certain struggles along the way before success sets in.

The way these challenges are handled determines the outcome of the business in the long run. There are viable solutions to such challenges for a small business to become successful in the marketplace.

Knowing the Target Market

Small business startups encounter many difficulties to get established in the marketplace. This could be due to their lack of knowledge concerning their exact target market. New business owners may not know how to identify niche market audiences, to build up their business even though the product is perfect.

The wrong crowd would not build up the brand as there is no support; however, the right market audience could change the scenario 180 degrees. Identifying the right brand audience is critical to the success of the business especially a new startup.

This is the solution for a business startup to survive the intense market competition with its attractive product. Market research must be properly conducted to identify the right crowd of supporters for the brand and product offering. There must be a viable solution offered to this identified group of the audience which would come forward. Such market research could be conducted on social media in identifying the right potential business customers.

Marketing Strategy

All businesses, small and big, must have a healthy marketing budget which serves to promote their brands and wares in the marketplace. Although modern technologies are rapidly progressive, big marketing budgets do not guarantee success for a business. The target market might have been aptly identified, but a wrong marketing approach could turn off these preferred potential customers.

The proper identification of the target market serves to identify apt marketing methods and channels.  This would draw the right customers to the business shores quickly for the desired sales and profits.

It is important to identify the personas of targeted audiences first before selecting the marketing channels or platforms. There are many useful website analytical tools to confirm the likes and needs of targeted web visitors which would be drawn to the business site for potential business opportunities.

Funding Issue

Every business requires sufficient funds to kick start as well as to maintain if it were to survive in the market. A business may encounter some funding problems or financial issues which may mark the end of the business life-time in the marketplace.

However, it is not necessarily the lack of funds which kill off a business at any time, but the improper management of these funds or irresolution of the financial issues.  Hence, it is critical for the business owner or entrepreneur to know how to handle the available funds that would keep the business afloat.

The solution to this issue is to identify all possible fund management options which are viable to the business owner. Outside sources like the bank could prove useful in helping the business maintain its survival in the market. Good sources of business investment are always sought after in a business, regardless its size; such investments are necessary for growth and development from one stage to another.

A business eyeing for growth could consider crowd-funding options. With the advanced technologies today, it is not necessary to approach potential investors personally. Funding platforms like are available to arrange funds online.

Execute The Right Leadership

A successful business requires the right leader who would champion its course. The attitude and passion of this leader set the path for the business along with its employees. A lack of confidence or direction could lead the company up the wrong alley. Many small business owners may not have the best of business knowledge or acumen to provide the right direction for business growth.

It is crucial for the business leader to champion the course with all its responsibilities while exuding as much confidence as possible to attract like-minded employees, investors, and customers. Sharing of responsibilities would come into play when employees own the vision of the company. This would lead on to the right type of empowerment in business management for the business to develop healthily.

The right mentality and attitude are required to get the business off the ground. Good employees must be carefully screened into the team with a healthy employer-employee relationship established.

Price Setting

Small business owners may find it challenging to their product price as they may not enjoy a complete marketing department to handle the task. The onus falls on the business owners who may not have the skills or market knowledge. If the prices are set too low before the market price, there may not be profitable to keep the business going. If the price is set too high, customers may not buy the product.

Hence, the wisest course of action for the small business owner is to check out the product price of their competitors. This would help them identify the market price and how well their competitors are performing with that price.

Business owners could also adopt a simple principle in setting their product prices. This would involve covering all costs and put in add-on value that would ensure a profit. Business owners need to know the buying power of targeted audiences on their products so that customers can afford their products. Prices of products may need adjustment according to seasons or market demands.


Challenges are likely to come across small businesses wanting to expand in the market. Business entrepreneurs must take the bull by its horn and overcome it without getting hurt. There are many vibrant solutions for a small business to be established in the market before getting on a course for growth and success.

A small business can grow into a big business when all challenges are aptly resolved to be noted in the market or industry.