It is noted that social media is highly popular with Gen Z that indulges in online content with an insatiable appetite. They are quick to snap up new website contents published in a matter of seconds. They prove to be dynamic and powerful fans and followers, which a business would want to get their hands on and enlist them into their business mailing list.

However, such contents must be relevant and useful to Gen Z to win their approval and loyalty. Business owners and marketers must be alert to the types of contents which Gen Z population is seeking after. There is a growing number of Gen Z that could be potential business leads for a business. Hence, business owners and marketers should not miss out on such opportunities to grow their mailing list as they poise for intensive user engagement and conversion.

What Attracts Gen Z

A new market study by Adobe revealed that modern web consumers such as Gen Z are attracted to brands that provide or generate authentic and relevant contents. This category of web users spends half their waking hours on the Internet. Over 1,000 consumers were involved in this study to identify their content consumption habits. Gen Z was noted to be highly indulgent in reading, watching and sharing more content online than their millennial counterparts.

It also turns out that mobile has become the most favorite tool used by web users in consuming information on the Internet with an average of 5.9 hours daily. However, it must also be noted that the web is proliferated with hoards of fake news, which more web users are very alert of. Hence, only a small percentage of contents are shared by this young population. Over half the study respondents acknowledged posting or sharing contents to family members or friends while around a quarter of them would share YouTube contents. Less than 20% would share information from a reliable publishing source.

This is an attractive information for business owners and marketers who are now equipped with the best of knowledge to position themselves better in the market to attract Gen Z buyers. Such information helps business owners and marketers to formulate a more dynamic marketing plan that would compel Gen Z buyers to their business sites and make immediate purchase decisions.

Relevant Contents

The Gen Z community is always eager to get their hands on any content that is up-to-date and relevant to their life objectives. Hence, it is not surprising to note the increase in online content today with the rampant progress of digital technology that boosts digital contents.  This has caused many e-Commerce businesses to sprout with diverse forms of contents posted on their website and social media pages to spike the demand for online contents. Search engines like Google are evaluating every website to confirm quality contents that abide by their stringent search algorithms’ requirements that would ensure a great online experience for all web users.

As the market is aligned to such offerings, more sales and orders are prompted by online consumers who embrace advanced technologies to enjoy what they want and find. This leads to a positive action taken where many are willing to make a purchase online while others might share the info or subscribe to the business mailing list and be a fan or follower on the brand.

However, there could also be poor quality contents posted that draws the disapproval of web readers. This includes badly written contents which are copy-pasted or outdated information. Poorly designed contents do not give web readers the total satisfaction on the contents read.  Such contents turn off Gen Z quickly as they are the generation that grows up with technology and keep abreast with the rapid technology changes or pace.

Deploying Technology Devices

As technology quickly evolves from one form to another, business owners and marketers need to pay better attention to the new technological devices that emerge in the market. New devices are becoming more sophisticated and appealing with better features to attract a larger market audience.

Businesses that deploy advanced technologies to cater to consumers who embrace technological devices would have more business opportunities presented at their doorstep. Quality contents or relevant information that is presented on advanced technologies catering to technological devices would draw more modern consumers who manipulate such devices in their online searches.

Market studies by Adobe reveal a high percentage of respondents preferring home entertainment streaming devices for their online searches and contents, while others prefer voice technology based options like a voice assistant. More and more modern consumers and Gen Z community aspire for easier and more sophisticated connected home devices that offer greater conveniences and better speeds.

Technology is seen to be evolving rapidly to impact the market. Businesses have no choice but to keep pace with these changes to cater to the changing consumer demands and market trends in order to survive.

The best of devices with quality contents posted regularly form a dynamic combination in providing businesses more opportunities to procure their potential business leads easily. Industry experts shared that the contents need to be optimized across all platforms, whether it is social media, blogs or email. Branded content must be well-designed and optimized for advanced technological devices that would give a genuine online experience beyond selling of products or services.

Brands are only successful if they can achieve customer acquisition and loyalty consistently. There are many brands in the market, creating an intensified competitive platform which only the current and strong in technologies would survive. Web users are having a field day with the intense market competition to choose that which provides them a dynamic online experience.


In order to satisfy the insatiable technological appetite of the Gen Z community, businesses must understand what this group is seeking after. Multi-channel marketing could be the key to winning over Gen Z; many dynamic tools like Magento and Magmi are readily available to set the business site up as a dynamic e-Commerce platform to win over Gen Z.