Copywriting is one of the most important aspects for businesses and simply put, it can make it or break it. The skills you have in copywriting can actually indirectly or directly impact the manner in which you communicate with the customers. When you write well, your emotions will come out clearly and many questions will be answered. This can translate to more leads and ultimately more sales.

Before you even begin to write, it is important to actually consider the stage in which the customer really is into purchasing the product. There are 3 stages and they are:

  • The awareness stage: here, the customer has already begun to articulate various symptoms of a problem. When a copy is written for people within this stage, it is important to use a language that actually addresses the problem at hand.
  • The consideration stage: here, the customer has already conducted some level of research. They have also articulated the issue at hand. When an audience lies in this stage, you need to speak about the solution to the problem in a direct manner. You can add a call to action here.
  • The decision stage: in this stage, the customer is actually making the final decision on whether they should make that purchase or not. The case studies, the reviews, and the testimonials can help with conversion of sales.

Now that we all understand that there are three stages involved, there are some strategies that can actually assist you in improving the way you write to boost your conversion rates incredibly.

The features versus the benefits

If you happen to be writing about a given service or product description, ensure that you include the kind of benefits involved with what you are actually offering. The benefits should include all the things that a customer can experience as they use the product. They can also hint emotion or even how satisfied they will be once they have used the product.

When you’re writing, make sure that you add as many benefits of the thing you are selling as possible. Try not to lie about the product or service. Lying could greatly disappoint the customers and you may not enjoy any repeat sales in the future.


The best way to build a community and trust is to connect with the audience. When the users are able to relate to the business, they are highly likely to actually be great customers. The best way in which this can be achieved is storytelling. It is important that you give some real-life examples or even anecdotes to illustrate the main points.

For this to work, there are different ways in which you can approach it. You should consider the potential customer position and then speak of how it was when you were in a similar situation. If you are aiming at entrepreneurs, you should actually share some of your experiences with them and talk about the challenges that you may have faced. Storytelling can also involve simple things like mentioning a recent experience.

Make it expert

When you are in a position to sound professional on a topic, then more people will sense it and they will end up trusting the brand. When you are writing about a service or product, it is important that you include some numbers and statistics. This is a great way in which you can build your credibility, especially if the figures are correct. Make sure that everything that you use is sourced legitimately.

There is nothing worse than being caught in a lie when you are marketing. Don’t make claims if you don’t have any numbers. Sharing information regarding your company is a great way to give stats and this spreads very easily and naturally. You need to understand that there are many different ways in which we gather information today and so you should try to make such stats as accurate as possible.

Use some urgency

As much as you can, you should apply this strategy as it is an excellent way of motivating the buyers to actually take some action. You can announce that your sale is almost coming to an end.

You can even go ahead and display that only a few products are remaining in stock. If you use coupons, you can also remind the customers that it only last for a specific date. It is such strategies that are very likely to push your customers to commit and take some action instead of waiting. You should not create a false urgency. This kind of language should only be used as sparingly as possible.

Emotions and logic

Usually, the entire purchasing process is often rooted in different emotions, even when it is counterintuitive. Most people will most likely have a response to a product that is emotional and then justify such a desire using a logical rationale. People may be drawn to a certain product because of the prestige and the perceived power. This is an emotion in its purest form. Such a person may then justify such a desire based on other advantages of the product and the qualities associated. It is therefore important to ensure that the lead sales copy has emotion and then it should be justified with logic. You need to show the consumer exactly how he will benefit from making a purchase.


We all love to feel unique and special. This is the main way in which most of the luxury companies actually market and brand themselves. When you make certain purchases, you become a part of the exclusive group. This is not something that we can all do though, but everyone can try.

You can have an area of the website that is dedicated to the members only. You should then brand your product as being very unique and outstanding in its own. You can also sell a limited edition of the product and then offer the members a newsletter that is private. You should, however, avoid making any disingenuous claims, especially those that have to do with exclusivity. If the product is not really exclusive, don’t say it is. You may end up disappointing your clients if you do.

Copywriting is very important to companies, but you should ensure that you are as honest as you possibly can to be successful in your line of business. When based on the truth, a company is bound to go far since customer satisfaction will always be guaranteed.

Strategies that all entrepreneurs should know regarding copywriting

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