2017 may be ending in a couple of months, but it has opened up many excellent doors of opportunities for all types of business that would usher in 2018 with great excitement. This would impact nonprofit organizations as well as social enterprises from all quarters where companies are expecting to grow consistently through the windshield instead of the rearview mirror of marketing.

Social Media Trends

With the increasing hype of activities and excitement in the market to close 2017, progressive technologies and the increasing influence of social media hold great hopes for a company to look forward to greater outcomes. Hence, an aggressive company needs to be focused on the real essentials for sustainability in the marketplace by looking out for the latest or emerging market trends to impact the direction of growth.

Many marketing gurus and market experts may be already on the lookout for these trends that would emerge in 2018 and impact companies of all industries. Knowing this could brace the company well in staying ahead of the market competition for greater brand awareness and more profits.

1) Growth Momentum

The bottom line of any business reflects the progress of the company which inspires further growth to establish itself as a stronger market leader. Hence, it is critical for any organization to convert potential business leads and customers that would bring in more revenue over time. This is where companies need to be more proactive in congregating possible donors and prospective supporters to boost growth and survival.

Business owners and marketers need to be aggressive to indulge in all possible marketing means, whether it is online or offline with a structured coordination in their marketing strategies and campaigns. The need for great content which keeps supporters and customers on the company mailing list is essential to growing the business properly. Thus, it is necessary for marketers to focus on marketing essentials such as a website which promotes the brand and business.

Marketers may require professional marketing assistance in the likes of SEO experts to build up a dynamic website poised for growth to overcome the competition.  It is critical to deploy the best of SEO marketing features and strategies to ensure that the company enjoys continuous growth at a steady pace that would not be deferred by market circumstances. This would require great planning in the business structure and marketing strategies.

2) Social Listening

Businesses cannot grow if social listening is ignored. Business owners and marketers need to exercise precise tracking of social media trends through feedback and reviews. Social listening refers to a proper understanding of the engagement context of business fans and followers, which would allow a deeper revelation of better marketing plans and strategies. This would allow marketers to generate better customer services and solutions instead of relying or deploying automated or canned responses which drive away customers. Excellent interaction skills are skilled to empathize with any customer or potential business lead even in today’s fast-paced digital world. Hence, a deeper and intentional engagement with every potential business lead and customer is crucial to further growth for the business or brand.

3) Artificial Intelligence

It is no doubt that the rapid progress of technologies today changes the market landscape tremendously to impact businesses. Marketers need to be constantly alert to such changes quickly with a clear understanding of the context where business supporters are also impacted between the real world and the digital one. Artificial intelligence or AI is already impacting a lot of businesses to showcase its power and dynamics.

AI is heavily deployed in this era to boost online and offline marketing as businesses consider market segmentation to ensure a more dynamic customization of contents for a more effective delivery. This may mean that different groups of customers may view and respond to different contents published by the company depending on set criteria which AI would monitor and handle on the company’s behalf.

4) Video Content

Many businesses are aware of the power of videos in marketing today where great video contents form an excellent marketing strategy. The dynamics of AI work to enhance digital platforms, particularly with videos. Business owners and marketers who indulge in well-produced videos as part of their marketing strategies could drive up web traffic to their sites with higher engagement through live video streams.

It is also possible to track and compare web consumer engagements and responses through the Facebook page using posts with video for better business outcomes compared to contents using photo and text only. Market responses are better with video contents used in social media marketing.

5) Micro-Influencers

Brand awareness must be prominent in the market for higher sales and profits. Business owners and marketers may consider influencer marketing in this aspect to drive revenue. A strong influence is an advantage to the business which could boost support to the organization. However, there is another option ineffective marketing; that is micro-influencers.

A micro-influencer may be viewed as someone with the power to influence an audience whose size could range between 1,000 and 100,000 followers. Businesses that partner micro-influencers on social media platforms could enjoy a wider range of potential business leads to drive more traffic to their sites. A Hubspot reports that micro-influencers are able to generate more likes than bigger sources of influence that have more followers.


With 2018 round the corner, businesses need to stay alert to the changing market trends to adopt the latest marketing strategies for optimal results. Social media is a great source of influence on businesses that know how to manipulate its strengths and features for effective and efficient marketing which is essential for boosting the awareness of the brand and business.

Businesses would probably experience greater competition in the market as 2018 comes around with the rapid advancement of digital technologies. However, with the right tools and solutions, businesses could stay ahead of their competition to enjoy market success. The right deployment of dynamic marketing strategies, including SEO and social media marketing would propel the business in the right direction.


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