There is a great concern for small and midsized companies in the market that is growing intense in competition. There are emerging advanced technologies to tempt businesses into generating better marketing strategies and campaigns to improve their profitability and ROI.

It would not be surprising that 2018 would prove challenging to these companies unless sufficient steps are undertaken to prepare them for the unexpected changes that may arise along the way during the year.

Tips to Improve Marketing

In order to weather the unexpected storms of business in 2018, companies must be constantly on the look-out for changes that are likely to arise over the horizon. It might prove too late to wait until the rain comes.

1 – New Marketing Approaches

2018 would definitely bring about new website languages and tools or solutions that may include voice-activated online searches. This marketing approach is going to inundate the market as most web users use voice to activate searches on the Internet through virtual “personal assistants”.  Web pages would need to be adjusted to accommodate such technologies to cater to more web consumers deploying voice searches.

2 – Brand Transparency

2018 is likely to focus more on generating greater attention to brand transparency where the company needs to exercise a complete truth on its brand and offerings through a face-to-face interaction with its current customers and potential business leads.

This is necessary to ward off prevailing cyber-security breaches where companies must be transparent to ensure trust and confidence.

3 – Better Services

Companies must be proactive in providing better services to customers to reduce the number of merchandise returns. As online sales grow rapidly in 2018, better customer services are expected with the progressive technologies that are happening. Free shipping and guaranteed products demand better services that would ensure a total satisfaction by customers to come back for repeat sales.

4 – Digital Marketing Growth

2018 would expect digital marketing to continue with its growth momentum with significant improvements in continuous marketing development.  Better safeguard components or features are expected to develop against existing fraudulent traffic reporting as well as inappropriate content. More sophisticated digital technology devices and solutions are expected to flood the market to improve online marketing and business transactions.

5 – Market Influencers

As the marketplace continues to expand rapidly with the growing technologies, it is unavoidable to see the rise of market influencers that could support small and midsized companies in their growth attempts.

The market would see the rise of ordinary employees, marketers and brand distributors to become new marketing communicators or influencers. These are likely to impact the market with the impactful knowledge and skills on the brand or products/services offered by the company.

Web consumers are likely to listen to these market “influencers” who have insider news about the brand and company. Thus, even the management would give due recognition to these influencers who could be their supporting arm in marketing. These could be developed as brand champions or brand ambassadors to foster open communications with target audiences.

6 – Direct Mail Marketing

Online marketing is a cyclic motion where direct mail marketing seems to have a renewed emphasis amongst businesses in the marketplace. There is a noted increase to direct mail with a higher response rate compared to paid searches or online display ads.

Direct mailing seems to be effective amongst the millennial consumers as market research exhibit a longer term and more effective engagement with customers.

7 – Blog Marketing

Blogging is another excellent online marketing strategy for small and medium-sized companies if they can generate value-added contents consistently for posting. Web consumers are constantly seeking interesting and relevant information for personal and work consumption. Bloggers must be creative and consistent in generating useful contents regularly to keep the interests of targeted readers.

Changing Marketing Strategy And Tactics

As the year comes and goes, new technologies come in like a flood. Hence, business owners and marketers must be on their toes to keep changing their marketing strategies and tactics to stay ahead of their competition while keeping pace with the market trends and consumer demands.

1 – Changing Markets

“Change is inevitable”; “Change is the only constant in life”; these are common words of profound wisdom which business owners and marketers must take heart. Marketers who recognize these impending changes will face whatever market challenges with boldness to secure the best solutions for profitable growth and better ROIs.

2 – Effective Communications

Marketers need to exercise efficient marketing communications to ensure effective interactions with targeted niche audiences. Dynamic marketing tactics work only if the targeted recipients are receptive to the business message conveyed aptly in a timely manner.

It is not the clicks that offer guaranteed revenue, but effective communications with value-added contents that convince target audiences of exercising their purchasing power.

3 – Marketing Medium

The choice of an apt advertising medium impacts the outcome of the business marketing plan and campaign. A specific marketing medium must be chosen depending on the preference and ease of targeted audiences to support the brand and company.

Social media networks with videos have emerged as the preferred advertising online medium today for businesses to attract their desired potential business leads.

4 – Specialist Environment

The market is quickly changing to a specialist environment where new technologies offer an attractive platform for market experts and industry gurus to form a special space for information integration. The market lacks marketing talent with relevant leadership skills and wide industry experience that can captivate the targeted niche markets.


Small and midsized companies in 2018 can look forward to greater ROIs when they consider incorporating the best of marketing and marketing communications to benefit their sales and bottom lines. There are more than enough market talents to tap on for the best of business outcomes without spending a lot of time and money.

New technologies will bring about new marketing opportunities and solutions which could be implemented easily for optimal results. The marketing environment may keep changing, but evolving marketing tools always come by at the right time for businesses to thrive in the marketplace.