Market rankings are becoming very popular, especially when it is executed with regards to reputed search engines and attested ranking platforms. Alexa Ranking is one of the highly accredited ranking platforms in the market today where its ranking number reveals the credibility of the business or brand evaluated.

Every business or company must be aware of its market position to survive or stay relevant in the marketplace. The competition in the market intensifies greatly every day with new startups that are bold like daredevils; these have the ‘do-or-die’ attitude which pushes them to take risks just to get a foot into the market. Hence, established businesses and companies must stay alert to their market rankings or positions to continue winning the favor of their customers. A business with a high ranking cannot rest on its laurels with the intense competition in the market.

Alexa Rankings

For any company to survive or grow in the market today, it is critical for it to know its market worth through recognized ranking systems like Google and Alexa rankings. These numbers reflect the potential of the business or brand as well as the popularity of the website on the web that would drive traffic to its shores.

The Alexa Ranking system comprises a large panel data procured globally to generate a ranking number for the website. A lower ranking number indicates a higher esteem of the company. For example, the Alexa Rank of Google in India is 1 which depicts a strong show of popularity and market potential. Businesses with high ranking status in Alexa ranking would be highly favored in the market with more potential investors and customers flooding to their shores.

There are simple tips and tricks which business owners and marketers could activate to secure good Alexa ranking numbers.

1) Install Alexa Toolbar

The very first step in a dynamic Alexa ranking journey is to install the Alexa toolbar. This is an essential move that enables the website data to be saved on the Alexa platform panel to be compared with websites which churn out the required ranking precisely. Hence, this step is critical to kick-start a good Alexa ranking for any website.

 2) Generate Unique Content

Good contents are usually high in demand but unique contents may be greatly sought after as the latter could dramatically increase the website ranking as web readers find something new and special from the contents. This will also attract the attention of top search engines like Google where the search bots would crawl the website and evaluate the contents to be accorded higher rankings.

Unique contents tend to draw more attention from interested web readers who want new materials or information related to their consumption or needs. More traffic is expected to the website with unique contents which could spark market interest with heightened buzz and hype. The popularity of the website increases, which in turn boosts the Alexa ranking.

3) Include ALT Tags

As the saying goes, “a picture speaks a thousand words” but with an ALT Tag to it, a larger crowd could be drawn to the website quickly. This is because the ALT Tag text is highly instrumental in assisting Google to read the website clearly and correctly for a higher ranking.

A better Alexa ranking could be secured if the Google ranking is improved with proper SEO features like the ALT tags and headers. Such are the stringent requirements imposed by Google to ensure high-quality websites with its constant revisions on its search algorithms. This would offer a better online user experience for all web users seeking the best of online information.

4) Building Quality Backlinks

Link building is part and parcel of dynamic SEO techniques in any vibrant online marketing strategies. Hence, it is not surprising to have backlinks in websites and blog sites from reputed sources or channels. These are critical online marketing tools in promoting a website and draw the attention of Google for a potential first-page positioning on the search engine’s SERP listing.

Quality backlinks are a definite must feature in any high ranking website to attract more web traffic to the business shores. Google would determine the popularity and authenticity of relevant backlinks from reputed sources and channels to accord higher page rankings which would boost the Alexa Ranking too.

5) Deploy Social Media

Business owners and bloggers today know the strong influence of social media on their marketing endeavors to draw more traffic to their websites. Although the website may be well-designed with high-quality contents published, no traffic would be generated if the wrong marketing platforms are activated.

It is so important for business owners and marketers today to manipulate social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to win over a portion of their millions of web users or subscribers. Social media has become a highly influential component of online marketing today with a growing subscription base for every social media network.

It is even noted that new and small businesses could enjoy exponential growth and overnight success when apt social media marketing strategies are deployed with boldness and confidence. Social media do impact the popularity of any site with the desired Alexa ranking.


A successful business or blog site must incorporate the best of marketing strategies to ensure a strong market presence that would flood the website with organic traffic. This is the desire of any business or blogger who want to promote the brand or business positively.

There are good tips to generate dynamic marketing campaigns which could boost better Alexa Ranking. This would impress potential business leads or customers who might be stirred to visit the site if the Alexa ranking is high as this type of market ranking is acknowledged in the market. Many web consumers today rely quite heavily on Alexa rankings to visit a site for their online searches as a high ranking implies the high quality of offerings.

Those who are unfamiliar with the dynamics of Alexa ranking could refer to reputable and skilled SEO service providers to handle this online marketing aspect for better results.