It is possible for some social media activities to be in some Google searches. However, the links on social media don’t matter much in link-building using SEO. In most cases, unless a person searches specifically for a profile or page, the SERP results don’t really convert any of the leads. You also have to note that efforts in SEO do not give the same effect on the social algorithms as they do on the search engines.

The difference

One of the main differences you note between social media and SEO is the fact that the latter finds customers that are actually looking for something actively. On the other hand, many social posts are just incidental. They make an appearance as one browses through social media.

Finding places has been made so much easier because of Google maps. You can find restaurants. Streets, tour attractions and so on. When you are selecting where to eat, you look at business profiles, go through reviews and then make your own choice usually based on what they are actually selling. If you are browsing through a social platform and you see a post that you are not necessarily looking for, you may just pass and forget all about it even if you may be following their page.

There are many things that arise once you choose to treat SEO as social and social as SEO. When this is said, one may wonder whether there is any point for social media marketers to work with SEO and vice versa.

How they help one another

When you think about them, they tend to be on two different ends in marketing. However, there is an overlap that can actually benefit the two sides. There are ways in which the social media and SEO marketers can actually work to improve their practices.

  1. Use one platforms’ research for the other platform

We have already established that we may have different intentions when we are engaging socially and when we are searching. However, it is still possible to utilize information regarding users on the different platforms to come up with the most effective content and also a call to action on yet another.

It is possible to make use of organic queries using a search engine to find out the kind of issues that the people are actually trying to solve when they find your service and product. The information can then be tweaked to come up with ads targeted to social media. If you own something like a grocery store, and discover that people who find your site using Google are actually looking for apples, that in itself, is a great opportunity. You can come up with different ads that have images of your most succulent apples.

It is also possible for you to actually crowd source some content that is user generated from different social networks to come up with the best content for your own website. This is an approach where one has to look through most social posts to discover a common question(s) that keep on coming up and then trying to find an answer to them. Just make sure you are answering questions that will actually be mutually beneficial.

  1. Sharing content

 When you are creating something for your website, you should think about how the content can be repurposed for the different social platforms. If you were to come up with a video that you want to share on YouTube, you need to edit a snippet that you will place on social media and then ensure that there is a call to action that will actually encourage people to visit YouTube for the complete video. When you record a live event as people usually do on Facebook, make sure that you actually download it and then add to the YouTube channels. You need to optimize on YouTube too bearing in mind that as a search engine, it comes second.

  1. Influencers

You should also find social media influencers and then make use of them in your content. Social media is a great place where you can meet like-minded people and those in your industry or field.  Find all areas where it is possible to meet such people such as Facebook groups, LinkedIn, or twitter chats. Work on building a rapport as well as relationships and ask for advice and also answer the questions that may arise.

When you get close to experts, get opinions, or even quotes regarding different topics. You can also ask for some sort of partnerships. When the content you publish quotes them or even mentions some of the work they have done, make sure that you send them links and request that they share or link the piece where they are mentioned. If they send you links, ensure that you share as well.

  1. Increase brand awareness

Sometimes it is difficult to measure the reach of social media. People can see ads and posts, but does that really translate to customers? When there is no direct correlation between your bottom line and social media, you may not be looking in the right places.

When people get to see your brand in the different social media ads as well as boosted posts, clicking may not happen directly. In most cases, they may Google the brand name or visit your website for more information. This means that converting traffic to social media can be quite difficult. However, when you put some effort on social media, some potential customers actually become aware of the brand name and what it is that you actually do.

  1. Social media boosts SEO efforts

Just like Google business, social platforms have become a great place for map markers, review platforms and also indicators of NAP reliability for Google. Most social platforms, Facebook included, allow the users to make and ask for recommendations. The respondents can tag any businesses that they may recommend. This means that social media is not only helpful to big companies, but to small local business, sole proprietorships, and even franchises as well.

We all need to appreciate that marketing is indeed an ecosystem and has a great strategy to consider all the available channels, whether offline or online.

SEO and social media as equally exclusive practices in marketing

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