Business owners and marketers need every possible tool in the market to benefit themselves against rising competition. This includes the “sentinel” review site strategy which offers the opportunity in creating an effective website for reviews without any knowledge or skills in SEO or dynamic marketing.

Sentinel-Review System

Such a system was primarily created to offer a new way in generating a service where people could obtain further information of the products they might want to buy. The Sentinel-Review system was developed based on the existing core “review” site strategy with the main difference; new experiences created for the end user.

The Sentinel-Review system is not meant to be static or boring with a website designed to ensure high Google page rankings, but to provide the best of online services for web users that may want a deeper engagement with the brand or product they are interested in.

It is simple to utilize this service which offers many exciting elements that would benefit businesses with better bottom lines.

Review Sites as a “Service”

It is known that a website is a dynamic online marketing tool in today’s progressive digital technology platform. Hence, businesses require the best of websites that would attract their preferred market consumers for more sales and profits.

Deploying a service like the Sentinel-Review site system could give businesses the added advantage in the competitive market. The system is designed with the objective of providing web users the ability to understand their desired products or services better with more relevant information which would help them in their purchase decisions.

This is the reason for the constant updates on websites, especially static HTML websites that should be considered on “review” infrastructure as the primary issue with such sites is a heavy reliance on Google without being “resourceful” to web users. There is little or no interaction between the website and web users which causes the latter to move on to other resources without absorbing or digesting the brand or business offering.

Web users today are seeking a genuine and relevant product or service information that is well presented for their consumption. This calls for a special service that does not describe how the system is but what it does which would benefit the web users in that they are more equipped to interact with the business and each other.

Such interactions must be smoothly monitored; this would require a lot of technical skills and investment in order to allow web users to define how they can be attracted to the brand or company to want more of it. For example, PCPartPicker does not really have any form of “reviews” infrastructure; however, it offers the proper functionality where web users could price up creating a new desktop PC.

When web users can have enough access to build their own system using the required components from various suppliers, the system is known to be functional in fulfilling its objective without reinventing the wheel.

Generating a Sentinel Review Site

Site owners and webmasters need to know the most important issue about developing the best of review sites. They need to identify the position of an experience with a full understanding. The PCPartPicker example shows that review site systems do not necessarily have to be centered on reviews as in the past.

Today’s modern digital technology platform allows the simple and dynamic creation of a set of functionalities which prove useful to web users. It is not enough just to have a website to operate a business effectively and efficiently today; there must be a good reason to use the website for the right service presented in the proper format or manner that would attract more traffic.

Without that, many websites have caused their businesses to fall in the market. The new “Sentinel” strategy actually helps boost the business in promoting their offering more effectively and efficiently. If this strategy is aptly deployed, businesses could benefit richly.

Selling through a Review Site


Although anything could be sold or promoted on a review site, there are certain points of consideration for a successful implementation. For example, clothing sites should be “lifestyle” oriented and computer/technology components websites should focus on price, performance and stock availability.

These sites offer no limit to the variety and types of products that could be offered to targeted web consumers as they serve as sites that refer potential business leads to the company on reputed online sites or vendors such as Amazon.

The important issue in a successful sentinel review site is the market credibility of the site. This is very crucial to its success as a good reputation in the market is a must. Hence, the site must be backed by apt recommendations. The endorsement of reputed market experts, industry gurus and platform authorities is very critical to the success of the site.

A simple way to proceed with this process successfully is to identify the products to be promoted on the site and seek reputed merchants of these products. These are part of the dynamic online affiliate marketing program where business entrepreneur or marketer would procure an affiliate link to track traffic generations and conversions. The statistics would generate the proper income for the affiliate marketer easily to be viable in the market.

An important tip to its success is to connect with various reputable affiliate networks in the market for the hot products offered. These platforms include:

  • ClickBank
  • Amazon JungleScout / ViralLaunch
  • Avangate


There are constantly new and exciting products from these reputed platforms which should give the business owner or marketer good returns on their investment. These established platforms offer a wide range of delectable products with supporting resources for the required referrals in marketing them easily.


Success comes with the proper recommendation of legitimate products that are popular and in high demand at that season; preferably those which have been checked out personally by the business affiliate marketer.


Every business startup has a good chance of success in the market with the proper marketing tools and solutions implemented such as the sentinel review site strategy.


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