The visuals are highly effective in securing the attention of consumers. As the saying goes, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’, it is appropriate for businesses to manipulate the right visuals to get more traffic.

Using Images for Traffic

As technology progresses, thousands of images could be found on the Internet. There are plenty of great images on the web that could boost the web page or site post effectively to draw more visitors to their shores. Many are free while others charge for copyrights. Businesses need to plan their advertising and marketing budgets wisely to include images for this effect.

If the best of relevant imagery could be found for the business to market itself at the right platforms, more traffic is likely to be generated. The business could enjoy more success with these images attracting them to the website. Many consumers are more inclined to visuals than text or audio. The visuals are more stimulating to cause a positive effect by consumers on the preferred course of action led by the company or brand.

Different businesses would need to identify the right images to use on their web pages that would attract the right crowds. It is important to know the target audience and its expectations or needs to choose the right images in any marketing or advertising endeavor. Even small or new businesses today can manipulate images as there are plenty of free options on the Internet.

Effectiveness of Images

Better ones can be purchased or customized to fit the exact requirements of the business or specific marketing strategy. This would boost the success rate of the marketing campaign to bring about higher returns. Customized images are excellent for specific marketing situations make a stronger impact on target audiences.

Well, selected images are very effective in marketing when they are aptly chosen and placed appropriately. A page could take on about 3-5 images for a greater effect and outcome. These images could be related to each other besides the theme of the contents or webpage. Fresh images should be used to ensure constant freshness of ideas and presentation that would draw targeted audiences to the business site.

There are plenty of dynamic images from many sources on the Internet to fit any business or marketing theme. One can consider:

  • Pixabay. Com
  • Wikimedia Commons
  • Amazon Associates

The right images can help target audiences identify and relate to the brand or product before making a purchase decision. The wrong image could cause confusion and annoyance to the viewer who cannot understand the message behind. Business owners and marketers need to be wise and discerning in the choice of images to enjoy good results from their effectiveness.

Free images on the Internet are considered as stock photos which are placed in public domain sites. This allows free usage of the images which is a plus for small and new businesses without a big marketing budget. There could be some image authors or designers who may offer their images for free to enjoy credit or acknowledgment.


Screenshots/ Screen Captures

Another way to manipulate images for businesses is to take a screenshot or screen capture which could be shown to target viewers. Business owners and marketers may come across certain dynamic images or pictures now and then which could inspire them in their forward marketing planning. A screenshot of that image could build up the image file for further dynamic marketing strategies.

Easy tools are available on any digital device to snap a photo of the desired image such as the Snipping Tool where the image could be snipped and saved to the file pictures for later use in any marketing plan or on the website. A lot of software such as Snagit and Droplr can be used for this simple yet effective function besides using the Print Screen on computers.


Smartphone Camera

As digital technology progresses with the strong influence of mobile technology, the smartphone camera becomes a most handy tool in capturing any visual that could be a dynamic marketing image. The smartphone is ever present with the user to snap any photo that could inspire vibrant marketing ideas.



These pictures or photos could be put together as part of a dynamic marketing strategy to promote the brand and company. Personalised or unique scenes could be created using these photos to be placed on the website to attract targeted audiences. Personalised images or photos offer image ownership and rights to the creator who could incorporate into any marketing campaign for the best effects.

Paid Images Alternative

Businesses that have a good marketing or advertising budget could consider paid images from reliable image sites on the Internet to get the professional photos or images desired. This saves business owners time and effort to pick up the best of photos or images to be used in their marketing plans.

Paid images are well taken and offer a wider selection that would easily fit the marketing requirements of the brand or company. The cost of each image is actually quite affordable for a one-time marketing investment if the returns are substantial. If the budget permits, it is wise to take on high-quality images to be used in any advertising or marketing endeavor to project a professional image of the brand or company.

Popular social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest enjoy large subscriber bases due to their unique visual component. WordPress websites also benefit largely when good quality and relevant images are added to the web pages for a more impactful effect on web visitors.



It is common today to use images so that the flow of web traffic to the business site would be constant and plentiful. This will happen when the best of images is found and placed at the right places to attract targeted audiences. The tools are plentiful and affordable to give businesses a fighting chance of survival in a tough and competitive market as technology evolves. The cost of good images is reasonable with many free of charge for the taking.


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