With the ever progressive digital technologies emerging in the market, business owners and marketers can have a field day attracting their preferred crowds of potential customers to their shores. This is especially true with a well-designed and implemented e-Commerce site that offers exciting and relevant information which feeds targeted customers’ needs and wants.

However, there is still a dynamic marketing strategy which could distinguish one business owner from another. This is a highly underused marketing strategy which business owners should get to know and implement immediately from optimal results that would boost their bottom lines.

P.O.P Formula

The P.O.P. formula for generating the desired crowds of targeted business leads is not very well-known in the market, although it is very effective in its role. This formula was discovered from the Tootsie Pop® commercial which was aired on YouTube whereby the cartoon wise owl was asked the number of licks to reach the tootsie pop center.

The cartoon has the wise owl licking the tootsie pop and counting ‘one’ before licking it again and continues its count. It licks the sucker the third time and counted “three… “; then the owl bit the tootsie pop into half and ate half the sucker. It then proclaimed “three” as the answer to the question presented to it earlier.

Business owners and marketers could discover how to get customers online through vintage video commercials which are effective marketing tools to promote their products or services efficiently without incurring high costs.

Potential Online Customers

Although it is not an important issue to most people to know how many licks could be taken to reach the tootsie pop center, many aggressive web marketers are getting on the principle of it to secure more potential customers to their online e-Commerce sites; this includes searching and referrals.

Marketers have begun manipulating these methods through video marketing to identify the best target customers for boosting their market presence and sales. Modern customers are more discerning today in making a purchase. They would want to procure as much relevant and up-to-date information about the product or service first before a purchase. Hence, videos are excellent in conveying the product or service visually and convincingly through the best of digital technologies. The well-designed and up-to-date e-commerce site could provide the latest product or service information at the fingertips of potential business leads to make a better purchase decision.

Modern customers are very tech-savvy today to deploy the Internet in searching for the information they want on any product, service or brand. And progressive digital technologies do not disappoint with the best of medium for these web savvy consumers to indulge into the action online. Videos prove to be most enlightening when it comes to finding or identifying potential customers online.

Relevant and useful information such as the latest description and photos of products or services need to be readily available to targeted audiences in the market. This is where the P.O.P. formula could prove helpful with its series of steps in drawing more targeted customers to the online e-Commerce site.

Using P.O.P. Formula for More Online Customers

The P.O.P formula is easy to deploy in securing more online customers to boost business growth and branding in the market where competition becomes intense.

P = prepare

The first step in activating the P.O.P formula is to prepare the product video. It is critical to ensure a good job here in the video preparation stage as this sets the basis of success in promoting the product or service using video. A strong key to preparation is to research actively in the video format that fits the marketing budget and time.

This might entail reviewing vintage-style television commercials in the past decades to understand the shift of consumer demands and market trends. A lot of potential ideas and information could be garnered to produce a dynamic video that would compel potential customers towards the brand and products or services.

Moreover, such preparations could be executed effectively and efficiently at very low cost or free in this progressive technology age. The well-planned product video could be a talking-head style video or animated depending on the audience targeted.

It is necessary to draw up a vibrant concept for the promo product video that would be appealing and informative to targeted audiences. The end result must be a strong impact that would cause viewers to take a strong stance or favorable decision on the brand or product/service. This is part of the crucial branding of the product, where the brand or product concept would stay in the mind of targeted customers who are the potential business buyers.

O = organize

The next step in the P.O.P. formula is the organization process. Everything necessary to set the stage right in the promotion process must be gathered together properly in the best order so that there is cohesion that would generate favorable outcomes.

Every team member must be responsible for their task to play their role effectively. A diligent organization structure helps to ensure that no important area is overlooked for the grand finale and preferred results to be reaped.

P = produce

The last but not least step of the P.O.P formula is to produce the desired video. The steps in the production process may seem simple enough to many amateur video producers as the tools today are sophisticated in features without being too complicated. The low cost in video production actually attracts many marketers and business owners to indulge into this dynamic online marketing strategy readily.

The video would be produced, edited and enhanced to include text, images, keywords and special effects without overwhelming the viewers. A well-produced video could go viral to boost the brand and company presence in the market with bigger bottom lines.


The P.O.P. Formula could be a really effective online marketing strategy when it is applied diligently. Targeted customers could flow and flood the website with greater brand awareness in the market for the brand and company; after all, that is the desired objective.