You should know by now that Pinterest isn’t just for the home chefs and lifestyle bloggers. There is so much more to it than meets the eye. There are many great Pinterest marketing strategies that you can use for your business to increase brand awareness and sales. A lot of people are discovering things that they see pinned and promoted. There are yet others who have actually discovered a certain product or brand through content from this network.

If the ideal audience is on this platform, or if you want to look into more channels to build your brand, Pinterest can be a worthy solution. Even though it is not as popular as Facebook, it is still a great platform when compared to some different networks.

What you need to understand

You should understand the kind of people in the user base of Pinterest to use it to your advantage. The first thing you note is that the percentage of women against men is 41:16. 84% of these users are between the ages of eighteen to sixty four. The split among the different age groups is rather even. 31% of the users are actually from the suburban areas.

You should also note that most of the users are actually high spenders and they are far-reaching as well. If we were to take USA as a case study, then 70% of the moms and 33% of the dads use the platform. 55% of these people utilize the site for purposes of shopping while 90% of the weekly users use it so to make some important decisions.

The above statistics should tell you that you actually need to take Pinterest seriously. It is therefore important to plan your strategy and there are different steps that you can take to make this a possibility.

The steps

  1. Profile and business accounts updates

The first thing you do is to make your account a business account. It has to look the brand. Drafting and converting your personal account into a business account is quite easy. There are steps that have to be followed and they include filling out your profile and then connecting all other social accounts.

You also need to ensure that the bio you write has the most relevant keywords of the brand. It should be more like the voice of the brand, but ensure that the most useful SEO keywords are used. This allows the users to understand what the business is about.

The profile picture is also important and it needs to be customized. Don’t use just the standard profile picture. Instead, make sure that the brand is taken higher by adding some custom features. You should use board covers. The board covers give your brand a very cohesive look. You can experiment with different fonts, icons as well as branded colors to come up with the best.

Board titles are also important and can be used to customize the profile of the brand. Use SEO friendly tiles. You can also use the on brand terms. It is important to keep the tiles as short as you possibly can. The titles can be kept relatively short and the board description area can also be used to add even more keywords.

In order for the pinners to find you, you should get descriptive. If your business has done some SEO research on some of the keyword phrases, then you should have some ideas. If you feel like you are lost, start with the basics in the search bar and then search through the related and relevant topics which appear so that you can narrow down the search.

  1. Web site optimization

You should make it as easy as possible for your visitors to actually pin from the pages. There are many options available here. You can customize or even use the interests, share button.

Based on what the business publishes or sells, Rich pins should be enabled when possible. The product pins will usually give some pricing info while article pins are an amazing choice for blogs.  The rich pins are great since they have star reviews, product tag icons, as well as recipe times.

You can also use the buyable product pins by simply synching the website store to the account, from there, it becomes easy to add items to bag and then go to check out without having to leave Pinterest.

You need to also optimize the images. Some of the best pins on the platform actually have the best lifestyle photography. You need to note that Pinterest is big on images and therefore there is a lot of value attached to having the highest quality photos. When you are creating the product pages, you should ensure that some lifestyle photos are actually included.

You should also add some images that have an optimal size. Apart from the dimensions, you need to add image descriptions because they are very important. There are some websites that offer plugins that are Pinterest specific and they can help to add more descriptions for the pins.

  1. Remain active

When you have finally optimized the website and profile, the final step is just like all other platforms. And that is to remain as active as you possibly can. You should set some time aside to source the content and to also check out what is being pinned from the website. As you pin, you need to source the content and also check what is being pinned from the website you run. You should use descriptions for the pins as well and use hash tags that are relevant. Hashtags are usually clickable just as is the case on different platforms and they are therefore a great search reference that the pennies can use.

  1. Analyzing work

You have to analyze the work you have already done on Pinterest. You can find out which are your most popular pins. If you have already optimized your website for purposes of Pinterest, then you should take time to see which of the pages rank highest on popularity after one month. Pinterest often gives some information about the best performing pins as well as those pins that originated uniquely from your own website.

When you have the rhythm of how Pinterest operates, you should take time to expand the strategy and also incorporate as many ideas as possible including contests. You can also try to include videos on the strategy as well and if one seems to do well, you can use a paid advertising option to promote it.

When you use Pinterest marketing strategies, then you are indeed playing a game in the long term. You can come up with the most helpful content as well as posting things that will appeal to shoppers. Even though a purchase may not be occurring immediately, the potential buyer will definitely be saving some inspiration for many months before they finally make that decision.

Pinterest marketing strategies that are dominating the year

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