Any online business owner or marketer would know that it is critical to have a dynamic online website which is well optimized to fit market demands and changing trends. There would be many popular CMS used to generate a highly functional website that is rich in its structure and presentation.

It is highly recommended that business owners and marketers know what is trending in the market and the available tools which they could adopt for the best of business outcomes at the end of the day. There may be a myriad of potential website designing and development tools and solutions in the market for a business to take advantage of but a careful analysis of the business goals and requirements would help the business owner or marketer make the best of decisions in ensuring a dynamic website that would attract more organic traffic to their shores.

Popular Online Option

Umbraco is well known in the market as a preferred open source.NET-based CMS platform. It is growing popular as it is free of charge and readily available to set up the preferred website that would attract targeted audiences.

It is designed to assist in the managing of web content easily with remarkable features that ensure user-friendliness as well as search engine friendliness. Umbraco would be deemed a smart marketing solution for attracting mobile web users who prefer the mobile-friendly sites offering preferred contents delivered to Androids, iPhone and Windows phones efficiently as mobile technology is boosting the market.

This is normally the preferred approach as a seamless integration is achieved while only one set of contents needs to be maintained for mobile and desktop-based websites. Such an adoption is also favorable to search engines as it is imperative for websites to be search engine friendly for higher page rankings in the SERP listings of search engines. This higher page ranking tends to attract more web users to the business shores via its website.

A wide range of audience could be lured to the business site which could expand the customer base of the brand or company. Hence, it is important for business owners and marketers to understand some basic functionalities of the website to optimize it in order to capture the attention of top search engines.

Basic Settings of a Page

An Umbraco website is designed to manage SEO drivers easily for the sake of webmasters and business owners. The proper handling of the basics of a website is crucial to its survival in a competitive market. This would include a proper management of page title, Meta keywords, and their descriptions.

Google Analytics

There should be relevant and related text boxes that permit an easy setting whenever necessary. SEO experts are skilled in this task of checking the length of the title and its description to be of an optimal length that would encourage better search engine indexing and page ranking activities.

These fields are essential to the dynamic activities of top search engines; hence, webmasters and site administrators need to know and understand the basic settings of SEO that would benefit the website in its function.

Sitemaps and Robots Text File

When the Umbraco website is properly designed, it is possible to manage the sitemap and robots.txt file easily. This is known to be a simple process if handled manually. It is possible to execute multiple sites from one Umbraco installation, but it could be a daunting task to manage different robots.txt files as well as sitemap.xml.

A simpler approach would be to handle the setup on a page by page basis so that its contents are properly managed to generate the required files automatically.

Google Analytics and Tag Manager Scripts

Another important point of Umbraco sites is the proper consideration of top search engines to set specific needy procedures such as Google Analytics and Tag Manager aptly. These scripts are indeed very handy and useful to online marketers and search engines for better business outcomes.

These scripts fall under page level or global scripts category where they could be placed at the Head of the page or as a body tag as well as a closing body tag. The proper SEO setting node would cause this task to be easily executed when the 3 text fields are aptly manipulated; these are the script location, an SEO tab on the DocTypes page and 3 fields addition. This would allow the preferred scripts to be set at a page level too.

Standardized URLS

It is possible that the same page could be viewed on different URLs because Google regards them as unique. Hence, it would be better for the URLs to be standardized while redirecting web users to the Umbraco website’s main page. This is easily done by activating the URLRewriting. The net feature that is readily available in Umbraco or simply utilizing the URL Rewriting plug.

It is important to ensure that the Umbraco website is SEO friendly, although the task is not challenging. A little proper planning of the tasks to be handled by the website suffices to ensure a smooth execution of the procedures and processes required to get the machine running.


However, the success of the Umbraco website is also dependent on the business requirements that must be clearly identified before a dynamic Umbraco website could be designed and activated. It is possible to enhance the website with more SEO features that would boost the site functionality while attracting the attention of search engines for higher page ranking.


The growing popularity of an Umbraco website in the market today compels many businesses to consider designing and developing their business site aptly to fit the market trends and consumer demands which are constantly changing. The best website designs and operations could easily boost the presence of the brand and company in the market while enabling the business owner or marketer to track business development and progress.

There are many Umbraco website designers and developers who are well versed with the site requirements for a business in any industry that would ensure a higher page ranking for better business outcomes.

Optimize the Umbraco Website to Enjoy Higher Rankings

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