Many business owners and marketers are quite clueless about the role and importance of links on their websites. There is strong evidence of good links impacting the business outcome, whether in terms of bottom lines or market reputation. There is no second thought on the dynamic functionality of links and link building in the search engine ranking algorithm.

Link Dynamics

Every new business on the Internet must quickly get a good grip on link building to deploy it efficiently for the best of online marketing endeavors. This dynamic marketing concept would position the business and its owners or marketers in the right direction for the right focus in the days to come.

There is a strong connection between link building and SEO that impacts the business greatly. This influence can be critical to the survival of the business in a highly competitive market as SEO features are constantly evolving. Hence, it is important for business owners and marketers to understand the urgency and relevance of building links which must be of high quality to secure higher rankings by search engines.

Many businesses fail miserably and quickly because business owners and marketers do not understand the dynamics of links in their marketing endeavors. Links offer an excellent channel to market the brand and business efficiently and effectively to bring more organic traffic to the shores of the company. Many unexpected sources of potential business leads and opportunities could be developed through links from various quarters of the market. Business owners and marketers need to tap into these resources that would improve their market standing. Links help to connect the business to a wider span of customers and business contacts that would boost bottom lines and market awareness of the brand and company.

Impact by Google

As it is well known in the market today, Google is one of the top search engines in the market to hold a strong influence on businesses and web users. The latter is highly swayed by the ranking placed on a website by Google, which is now deemed as the market recommender.

A high ranking by Google would indicate an ‘approval’ to the site’s quality and offerings. This is why businesses are anxious to understand the search and ranking algorithm of Google and other top search engines; they covet higher rankings for their websites or web pages. Hence, a strong interest has developed on links and link building for all website owners who want better business outcomes as good links could generate more organic traffic consistently to their shores.

Google is constantly enhancing its search and ranking algorithm to provide better online experiences and services to web users. This has led to various updates or changes to the search algorithm which leads to the related changes in the ranking of websites and web pages. Businesses need to stay alert to these changes to keep pace with Google’s direction and objectives of impacting the market. A higher ranking would boost the market reputation of the brand or company and there are many effective and efficient ways to accomplish this; one of which is links.

Google Study Outcome

It is not surprising then to have market studies on links to confirm their importance and relevancy in building the brand or business in the marketplace. Market research on site rankings showed the significance of links where it was noted that links are highly influential in procuring top rankings in search results. Consecutive market research reveals the growing importance of links in ranking. This is a strong signal for business owners and marketers today who want to improve their market position in their industry as competition intensifies.

The market research comprised the use of various models in demonstrating the importance of links as a powerful and a coveted ranking factor. Around 6000 uncertainties were used during the 3-year study of ranking algorithms to understand how Google search and ranking algorithm functions.

Near the end of the 20th century, as digital technologies were making a strong impact on the market, Google rose to the occasion to dominate the marketplace with its search algorithm where its ranking results on websites impacted the market in all industries. The links became highly relevant as a deciding factor to boost traffic to the business shores. This was due to the impact links have on drawing the desired traffic to the website.

It was presumed that links could prove to be a vote of user confidence or assurance on a page or site when it is recognized or acknowledged by top search engines like Google. When search engines like Google evaluate a website or webpage, a ranking of relevancy and usefulness is implied. A higher ranking on the page or the site would indicate the approval of Google on its contents, user-friendliness, and relevancy which would make the web users’ online experience more dynamic.

Even SEO experts today acknowledge the effective role of links in search and ranking algorithms of search engines which adopt the changes fervently. In keeping pace with rapidly changing market trends and consumer demands, Google edits and upgrades its search and ranking algorithm to meet the new challenges to earn itself a strong position in the marketplace.

Google has definitely refined its searching algorithm while focusing on link quality by filtering out inferior links. This will impact SEO where best link building techniques must be adopted to ensure consistent high-quality links are implemented. The ranking algorithm applies various modes of evaluation to accord an apt ranking of the page. Hence, if a web page does not offer relevancy to the query, it would not be ranked higher in search results.


The latest Google link study indeed offers some interesting insights into the role of links in today’s marketing techniques of businesses in all industries. Links may be viewed as a new factor for higher rankings in search results, but they are an important factor, nevertheless. Market research confirms that the links will still persist in their vital role in the days to come and businesses would benefit from the apt application of them.