Marketers have so many resources and innovations available at their disposal today. There are so many companies in existence across different marketing categories including mobile analytics, sales enablement, video marketing, social, and SEO. Some of the categories listed above were not there several years back and there is no telling what we will see in the future.

One category that seems to be there always is email marketing and it seems it is here to stay. The reason for this is quite simple. For many years now, email has generated a very high return on investments for tons of marketers. It still gives a great reach in the market compared to the other channels that are available. Despite the available tools today, email marketing is still a great way to grow your business to great heights.

There are some reasons as to why we still need email marketing. Experts have for a long time been able to use this kind of marketing as a tactic in digital strategies.

How email marketing helps

There is a need for marketers to achieve more with the resources available. There is a need to try and connect with the audience in a way that it is highly personalized and remain within your budget. The marketers who are able to achieve this enjoy great success and deliver ROI as well as revenue to businesses.

So far, email marketing has longevity as compared to other categories. Marketing trends have for a long time come and gone, but email is still standing and powerful even for the modern marketer. Some of the things that make this true include:

  • Reach

When we think about social media and how many accounts have been created, one may think that it’s indeed the most effective mode of reaching the masses. The numbers in Twitter and Facebook, as well as other platforms keep on increasing with every dawning day. However, the numbers of email usage aren’t shared as frequently as the social media ones. Worldwide, there are over 4 billion email accounts available today.

This may be surprising to some, but when you come to think about it, it’s not so far reached. When one signs into a website such as an e-commerce store, there is a need to have an email account to create your own account. One also needs an email account to register social media accounts, including Twitter and Facebook. The same social media platforms use email to notify you about things like tags, birthdays and so on.

This only goes to show that email is still very significant and almost everybody who goes online has to have an active address. This is why email is still important in marketing strategies today.

  • Message delivery

If you were to choose between a Facebook fan and an email subscriber, a subscriber should be the first choice. The first reason for this is the fact that when you send an email, 90% of the time the email goes to the inbox directly. When you post on social media, around 2% of your fans will get to see it because of the limits that are imposed by different platforms. This is done so as to encourage the marketers to choose the paid options.

A platform such as Facebook limits the appearance of posts on the news feed and therefore your message is more likely to be seen by your target audience through email than social media.

When someone makes an email subscription, it is an explicit way of saying that they do want to communicate with you. Today, there are laws and regulations that govern SPAM and if you want to email a prospect, then it has to be because they wanted you to. Some ads that you see on social media are based on the searches you do online, not because you subscribed.

  • It is the best way to drive conversions

Many markets are quite focused on conversions. It doesn’t really matter whether this is in the form of memberships, sales, leads, or unique metrics, the main aim for marketers are to turn their customers into paying ones. When we think of conversions, then email still stands out.

The percentage of people who make a purchase after reading an email is higher than those who visit from social media platforms. Email is also quite measurable. Using auto responders, you have access to different metrics such as social shares, forwards, bounces, and clicks.

Email results in high ROI

Email comes with a conversion ability that is still unmatched. Email is an effective marketing channel that can be used to drive returns on investment. For every dollar that is spent on this kind of marketing, the ROI is so much greater. 

Email is able to deliver messages that are relevant and highly personalized. Social networks let you send a status update regardless of the followers purchase history, interests, and locations. With email, things are different. You can be hyper-targeted with the communications. You have data about your customers that can be used to your advantage.

  • It is a great channel for communication

Social networks are seen as a personal mode of communication that allows them to be in step with the current happenings of family and friends. On the other hand, email is seen as more professional. People expect to get information about services and products on this channel. In fact, many people prefer to have promotional content sent to them through email instead of social media.

  • It’s an open platform

Brands have invested millions to get social followings and to engage with the audience.

However, the social platforms, keep on updating the algorithm to reduce the number of people who actually see a post by a brand unless they are paid for. To this end, many followers don’t get to see a post in their Newsfeed. Facebook and Twitter are controlled and owned by third parties and therefore the marketers have to follow whatever changes that are made on the platform.

Email, however, is not controlled or owned by a single entity. It is a communication platform that is open and there are so many services that allow you to receive and send emails. There are many companies involved in online marketing and it is this that helps them ensure that no one makes a change that could have a negative effect.

Will email be here always?

We have seen the rise and fall of popular sites, but email is still here as we speak. It is stable and it also has a very long history. Email has enjoyed a consistent growth since its inception, and there is no end in sight. Today, you can send emails that have been branded and this has empowered the modern marketer to great levels. When you build your own email list, you will enjoy an investment that is long-term and stable.


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