While some at home are just twiddling their thumbs others have found 10 ways to learn new skills and prosper and I found a way to help raise money for our NHS

I came across this free guide today and thought for once I would throw the towel in and actually buy a product to GIVE AWAY FO FREE!

I am NOT promoting this guide because it’s going to make me loads of money. NO that’s, definitely not the case here.

I purchased it to help raise money for our NHS.  I like many others I am sure will have seen this declaration below in the rebrand options,  after you clicked on the bonus link,

“50% of the proceeds received if you purchase will be forwarded to a registered healthcare charity”.  So that means that the NHS will get £5 from each sale. Wow-what a bargain only 50p for each marketing idea and a fiver for the NHS.

I’m in, helping to support our NHS, are YOU?  Whether you have decided to purchase and rebrand or simply share it with your family, friends and those you care about …..I thank you for staying home and staying safe. 

How To Make Money From Home During The Coronavirus Outbreak