Instagram has been growing quite steadily for some time and more people are adopting the idea and using Instagram for their benefits. This site has also proved itself to be a great source of revenue related to advertising. Mobile ads have been projected to be quite high in value as the time goes by.

There are very impressive figures that you can look at and an analyst can tell you that their new engine has propelled Facebook company growth to great heights. There are many tips that can help you to actually increase engagement on the organic and paid campaigns on Instagram.

Where it stands currently

Currently, Instagram is a site that is really loved on the social scene by different marketers. The reasons are quite obvious considering that there are one million users and around 50% of these follow some sort of brands. Engagement through comments, shares and likes has also increased and it is way higher than other social media platforms.

Even with the impressive figures, there are some challenges that have been witnessed due to engagement rates that seem to have gone down. The algorithmic timeline was introduced and it has actually had an impact on the different organic campaigns and this has led to the decline.

How to increase engagement

Many marketers who are proactive are trying to find the best ways in which they can increase engagement even though there are many setbacks. These are some tips that can help you get more through the organic and paid campaigns to keep on hitting the mark and also to safeguard the marketing tactics used on Instagram for the future.

  1. You should be aware of just how often you should make those posts.
  2. Instead of preaching, try story telling. It works better.
  3. Make the branding you use on Instagram really matter.
  4. Explore all the available video formats range on Instagram.
  5. Make use of closed captions and subtitles on your Instagram videos.
  6. Make use of the different ad formats that can be applied ion the Instagram videos.
  7. Use GIFs because they are useful.
  8. Make use of hash tags that make sense.
  9. Use traffic on Instagram to increase the traffic to your website.
  10. Make use of SEO to make it big on Instagram.
  11. Make use of third party apps as well as Instagram fitters.
  12. Create some partnership with influencers to help your brand to be authentic.
  13. Instagram contests are also a great idea, so host one.
  14. Convert the followers that you have on Instagram into subscribers.
  15. Pay attention to the user generated kind of content.
  16. Add links to your Instagram stories.
  17. Make use of emojis because many people relate to them and find them interesting.
  18. Promote your channel on as many other social accounts as you possibly can.
  19. Have a call to action that will actually motivate the reader to do something.
  20. Track and then take time to learn as much as possible from any of the contests you hold especially if it does very well.

The one thing that you always have to remember is the fact that the Instagram journey is never really over. That may sound a bit daunting, but it is the truth. The profile you portray on Instagram is more like a business that needs constant growth.

It has to evolve all the time to forge even deeper links with the followers. When you follow the tips, then you can be sure that you will maximize the potential of the Instagram channel. It does not really matter the kind of evolution you get, it is still very possible to increase the engagement on Instagram and keep all those comments, shares, and likes coming through.


The social media landscape keeps on changing and Instagram is a platform that has great potential for different brands business wise. Facebook has made some changes recently which have made it rather hard for companies to make it to the news feed without investing some funds; Instagram offers a kind of reprieve. There are many features such as stories, ad options for different brands, and the fact that it is very visual makes it a great place for content marketing.

There are many statistics that support the above fact. There are many users who usually visit registered business accounts while others visit different business profiles on a daily basis.  When it comes to attracting followers and fans on Instagram, there are no limits whatsoever.

It is important for the marketers to actually apply some Instagram strategies into the content marketing strategies to make some goals come true.

Goal building

It is possible to incorporate different Instagram strategies into the content marketing programs to achieve different kinds of goals. In this case, you need to cultivate some communication lines that are highly personalized with the audience that you are targeting. This is something that has been applied by different brands and the results have been amazing. When you are able to engage your audience in a ‘kind of’ two way conversation, then you make them a part of your own world.

There are many brands that actually share photography from users and other kinds of UGC visuals to populate the feeds and to also absorb, attract, and develop the audience even more. UGC is authentic and that is why it is so influential. By so doing, your audience will feel appreciated, heard and also seen. It is important to have one on one conversation as you start out. You should try as much as possible to actually connect with the audience on a personal level.

Investing in influencer marketing on social media

Influencers are actually driving measurable and real value to different brands. It is therefore important for the brands to choose the influencers carefully to have the best outcome. You need to think of measurement, management and identification as you select and analyze an influencer. Make sure they match with the audience that you are targeting. It is necessary to build great relationships with the influencers so that the arrangement can actually work.

Instagram marketing can work to your advantage when you pay attention to the tips and strategies that can definitely propel you to greater and better things in the future.

Instagram marketing tips that can greatly increase engagement

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