One of the reasons as to why people leave websites is because of the language that has been used. This only tells you that you are missing so much on your site without translation. Many people assume that America is the largest internet user in the world. This is not the case since data shows that India and China tops the internet usage in the world. China has got one billion internet users as compared to the states almost 300 million.

If you don’t optimize your content in various languages that are used in different parts of the world, then you will end up missing out on some major traffic. It is that simple. It is very hard to get someone visit your blog especially with so many sites coming into place. More and more people are delivering great content that is attracting all sorts of traffic and it is therefore not so easy to get visits your site.

You may not be aware of it, but most of the bounces you may be getting on your site may be because you do not have a translator. If you want to enjoy considerable traffic, you need to start translating your content in various languages.

Building confidence

When you make your content global, it means that you can reach even more people. Blogging is something that is being done by countless people and you need to stand out from the rest if you are to make a mark.

One of the things that you need to do to make your content highly acceptable is to use videos on your blog regardless of what it is about. Videos are the in thing in digital marketing today and should therefore, be the first thing you include to stand out.

The other important thing is translating your content into different languages. This makes someone within another country or one who is a multilingual speaker feel included. It is not only about translating the words, it is important to know the culture of the people and try to adapt content that fits them and that is appropriate. This is the only way you can build a positive ROI.

You need to translate everything, including the eLearning courses and the videos and this makes voice translation necessary if anyone wants to enjoy growth on a global basis. When people can read or watch videos translated into their native languages, they respond to them in a positive way since they understand every part of the message that you meant to put across.

This also means that you will not actually miscommunicate to people, especially when you make use of professional translation services that are available at a fee. This is a worthy investment and you should not be shy since you will see great results in the long run.

With translation services, you can customize all the marketing videos and the eLearning materials into a language which is native to people who are actually using them. This is what boosts the confidence of the company and also assist the company to really grasp content in a quicker way.

Is wise to use voice-over translations?

Using subtitles is one of the common ways in which you can adapt the videos on your blog to be accessed by foreigners. In such a case, it can cause problems, especially when you are dealing with eLearning materials.

When you make use of voice-over translations, you will be able to gain the client and employee confidence because they will be able to immerse themselves in the video without having to keep up with the words that appear on the screen.

When you have training materials, things tend to move quite fast and it may be hard for anyone to keep up and understand. If the videos have different speakers, then the subtitles make things even more complex to understand and even follow exactly who is saying what.

The other thing you should be aware of is that the mobile phone has become prevalent in the current world, meaning more people are likely to watch them on these gadgets. Now imagine trying to read and follow a video using a mobile phone.

It is hard, right?

The other thing we should appreciate is that some written languages are actually more expansive in length than English, meaning you may have broken texts in the video instead of having a fluid subtitle.

When voice-over translations are used, your employees and customers can relax since they can easily understand the videos without great effort. Consider some of these things when you are translating your blog posts and videos.

Translating your blogs means greater traffic directed to your website. More people can associate with your product and service which then leads to greater sales.

The categories of voice-over translations

There are various options that are available for anyone who wants to use voice over translations. You need to consider the video format and the audience you are targeting. What do you want them to hear? Is it the original language, the native one, or both? How do you want your video to feel? Do you want people to feel like it was natively done? All things can be handled by the following techniques:

Voice replacement: the technique works as it sounds exactly like the original. This is what clients consider when they want to translate. When you mute speakers who were originally in the videos, then it means that the new speakers will replace the original words spoken with the native language. This is very common today. This technique requires one to emphasize on certain things to try and match what was originally there.

Un-style voice-over: the technique requires the original speaker to be heard and also the native language, especially when you have e-learning material. There is no voice replacement; instead, it is spoken over. The original voice can be heard, but then the translation is also heard.

Off -screen voice-over: is also popular with the e-Learning courses where the translations are heard off-screen and then the user can actually follow screen animations and texts.

Lip-synching/dubbing: this is a translation option that is popular with foreign films. This is when you want a video that comes across as done in the native language originally. This gives the videos some professionalism and makes you stand out. It is, however, hard to achieve.


Translations are a great way of getting your content to have a wider reach. Appreciating the fact that not everyone understands English and that more conversions can be achieved when one uses a native language only goes to show how important these translations really are. They are a great way to get out there and have a deeper reach globally.

Increasing traffic by blogging in more than just one language

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