Modern brands require the presence of a website to be promoted in a growing market where more and more consumers are using the Internet a big portion of their time to remain connected. This causes business owners and marketers to consider enhancing their websites frequently, especially with changing and progressive digital technologies.

It is crucial that targeted consumers are identified by the brand and business with a good understanding of their needs and want as well as expectations before offering the products and services accordingly. Hence, the website needs to be attractive and appealing while offering salient essential functions and features that would attract targeted audiences.

However, it is necessary to understand the requirements of a dynamic website that would be instrumental to the success of the brand or company. The design and development process of the web portal must be preceded with an in-depth approach to the market needs and expectations.

1) Clear Identity Crisis

Web users seek out websites that exude professionalism and confidence in portraying their brand and business objectives. Hence, it is crucial for the business to identify its role and objectives clearly on the website as it represents a public representation of the brand and company.

The website design and structure with its contents should truly reflect the brands precisely with appealing messages to attract targeted niche market audiences. Further relevant brand or company information with up-to-date contact details could be listed on the ‘About Us’ page which would have web visitors making contact with the brand and business. This page of pertinent information serves to inform web visitors about the brand and the company to make intelligent purchase decisions.

2) Domain Choice

A great web portal requires the best domains that would draw more web visitors to its shores. The domain name must be catchy and easy to remember for its web visitors to return frequently. It would also help web visitors find their preferred brand and products easily when they are reminded of the site via the domain name.

The best domain choice would also help boost the identity and purpose of the brand from the web portal. Moreover, the right domain choice leads to a higher chance of the website catching the attention of search engines and be ranked higher. This would generate more web visitors to the site.

3) Attractive Web Design

Web designers and developers need to ensure a clean and appealing design and structure on their website. This refers to the site design quality which should be simple and clean to allow an easy read and understanding that would prompt web visitors to favor the brand or its products.

The site design should be user friendly with easy navigation that would allow and encourage the web visitor to check out its pages and stay on longer until they make a purchase or call to action decision. Such designs would be helpful to web visitors in focusing on the brand and content without being distracted by flashing animations or graphics.

4) Apt Functionality

The process of a web portal development is crucial to its success. This is where site designers and developers need to consider the site functionality carefully with in-depth and wide research on its objectives and operations. There should not be loading issues or broken links that could cause web visitors to leave the site.

Site security issues are of high concern to web visitors who do not wish to be spammed on their personal information. Site designers and developers need to take web users’ perspective and opinions into consideration as they decide on the functionality and design of the site.

5) Easy Site Navigation

A website that is difficult to navigate could turn away many potential business customers or investors as they are unable to get to where they want to go or look for what they are seeking. The efficiency of the website must be enhanced to make the site appealing for web visitors to come by frequently.

Easy site navigation could be improved through the use of a sitemap which aids web visitors in getting to the right page quickly for the required information. This also augurs well with search engine crawlers for an easy crawl on the site to secure higher page rankings. More web traffic is expected.

6) SEO Friendly Codes

A dynamic website needs to be frequently updated to provide the best of up-to-date news or information to targeted readers. Hence, new web pages must be added regularly to the optimization of pages both new and current to ensure a fresh reading and outlook on the brand and company.

The website must be always SEO friendly with clean coding that would have search engines come on frequently for indexing and evaluation. The site codes must be improved to offer easier and quicker readings by search engines for higher rankings. This could generate higher ROI for the company as SEO friendly codes guide search engine spiders on the value of the site and its contents for higher page rankings.

7) High Web Security

Web security is always a high priority in any professional web portal design and development, especially with the rapid progress of technological advancements. New risks for site safety and operations tend to crop up easily which see the surge of viruses, malware and malicious apps that are bent to destroy the hard work of businesses on their sites.

Great damage is possible on sites without the proper tight web security. This requires the apt implementation of SSL certificates and security protection measures in order to reduce online site threats and dangers.

These security features must be high on the priority development list for a safe website to be developed for any business.


It is important that website designers and developers should cooperate with business owners and marketers in understanding the business objectives and goals before the website is developed and implemented.

The best of websites to be developed should be appealing and functional with high safety features and great navigation that would welcome any web visitor who would be engaged and stimulated.