Every business today knows the importance of a good website to bring in the desired web traffic for more sales generation. However, many business owners and marketers are often too busy in designing and developing their own business site; much less maintaining or updating it. Hence, they are likely to hire some SEO companies in the market that could do the job for a quick buck.

This may be a good step in putting the business on the right track in online marketing for higher webpage rankings as desired by top search engines but many of these SEO professional services may not include maintenance and updates with their designing and development fees.


This could lead to the generation of bad links, especially backlinks to the business sites from external sources or channels. Hence, many potential business leads and customers or investors could be lost as the links did not direct them to the website which has been updated. This is often the scenario when a business website is outsourced in its design and development with no further thought on maintenance and updates or upgrades of facilities that would bound to happen to a growing business.

Smart business owners and marketers need to resolve this issue with a constant reminder of all the links their website could be attached to as these are potential business gateways for them. The first step may have been activated by professional SEO designers and developers, but a skilled and dedicated maintenance cum upgrade team must be established to keep the website current and functional.

A poorly maintained website is likely to feel the wrath of the top search engines like Google, which are quite stringent on up-to-date links for better online web user experience. Bad backlinks, especially pose all sorts of risks to the website besides losing its high SERP listing with search engines. These sites could be closed down and their owners could be penalized for failing to maintain the links.

SEO experts may also take the quick way out of their responsibilities by purchasing bad links that act like backlinks with short-term benefits especially if the charges were low. Business owners and marketers who succumb to such offers would be always at higher risk of linking to unrelated or irrelevant contents and sites to their business goals and objectives.  These are unnatural links which bring on more problems to the brand and company as they are often looked down upon by market authorities and industry experts.

Types of Backlinks

Similarly, there are various backlinks to be manipulated by the website to direct web traffic back to its site for more business opportunities. Companies that deploy backlinks without understanding their proper purpose and form of implementation would be wasting their time, effort and resources which could be used to promote their branding and presence in the market.

SEO Backlinks

Backlinks are highly instrumental to influence the webpage ranking of a business site when they are well understood to be applied properly. SEO backlinks in a website serve to attract the approval of top search engines like Google to warrant higher rankings that would boost the market visibility of the brand or company in online searches.

SEO backlinks must have clear forms and structures with a strong cohesiveness on syntax and semantics that would have search engine crawlers identify the quality of the site. There is a host of relevant information with SEO backlinks which could be directed to other reputed sites that would boost the SERP listing of the company.

Over Optimization Backlinks

Amateur backlinks developers tend to over optimize backlinks in one website. This leads to an over saturation of links from one website or to another site which is unprofessional. Search engines are very stringent on this feature which may confuse web users searching online.

This is considered an unethical practice used by inexperienced or unprofessional webmasters or SEO backlink developers who try to hoodwink unsuspecting business owners with a lot of backlinks generated to their sites. It is better to have relevant or sensible anchor text as backlinks that would function correctly.

Links from Global Locations

It is a great online marketing strategy to include links from outside sources, especially those connected or related to the business. As digital technology advances, it is not surprising to note the global connections a business may enjoy through the right links designed and set in their proper places regardless of location, language or culture.

Links from related or similar industry would promote the brand or company as an authoritative entity or reference which could boost the market value and the presence of the brand and company.

Links in Comments

Many larger sites could have comments left behind by automated bots with a link. These are very generic comments, but some web readers may leave similar comments and feedback on the site as part of their interaction with the brand and marketer in the form of a link.

Business owners and webmasters need to check these and respond or clean them up to ensure a clean and professional site at all times for their web visitors. This is one effective approach in removing bad links or out-dated links which reflect poorly on the company’s lackadaisical attitude with their site presentation and contents.

Removing Bad Links

Bad links must be immediately removed to avoid a higher possibility of being viewed by more audience that could have the wrong assumptions. If the bad links are from external sources, it is best to contact their owners for an immediate removal. This would require a constant check on the links that are related to the site to avoid spam links which could be the works of competitors.

Some bad backlinks are difficult to trace to their origins for a simple original owner removal. This would require a fresh start again, especially if Google has meted a penalty. Webmasters could also remove pages with identified bad backlinks or disavow them to Google through a message; hence, these links would not be considered when the site is indexed.