A lot has been said and written about online marketing for modern businesses that jump on the bandwagon of digital technology. However, not every business must get online or execute online marketing strategies to enjoy higher sales and profits or gain a wider market presence.

Traditional or conventional marketing techniques could prove successful in securing the attention of targeted market audiences when the techniques are properly implemented at the right time with the right crowd. It is sad that these get sidelined with emerging digital technology solutions in online marketing.

Offline Marketing

Successful marketing experts have enjoyed great success in their offline marketing tactics where no email is sent. Dynamic marketing gurus may have a trick or tip up their sleeves to enjoy success in their marketing endeavors. It could be a matter of principle to execute offline marketing instead of following the herd with online marketing techniques and strategies.

One of the insightful offline marketing tips which market experts offer is the importance of time. Every marketing guru or brand expert understands their target audience, which would respond favorably or not to their marketing approach. Targeted audiences may not respond to a marketing email favorably as with a fax or phone call. Emails may often be left unread or not replied even if the contents were read and understood. Procrastination may get the better of web users to reply an email immediately.

The difference with a phone call is that the caller gets the attention of the recipient immediately when the call is answered. That moment in time is captured and full attention is given to the marketer on the other end of the line. With practice, skills and experience, the marketer would be able to convey the business message effectively even if it may be a couple of minutes. The deal could be closed at the end of the conversation instead of waiting for the response with an email.

Physical Flyers and Leaflets

Before digital technology took the world by storm with email marketing, consumers tend to receive a lot of mail in their physical mailbox. This includes a stack of junk mail which filled up the mailbox; this irks consumers who had to clear their mail constantly.

The scenario has changed today with email marketing; the physical mailbox is seldom crowded with promotional flyers or leaflets today with emails flooding the inbox of web users. Hence, consumers now have more time to sift through their physical mailbox and view the flyer contents diligently to absorb their offerings.

Hence, physical mail today can capture consumers’ attention and time as a more impactful communication technique than emails. With the hype and buzz in email marketing today, consumers may be flooded with loads of emails every day. The inbox gets crowded if the mail is not cleared daily as businesses today are quite capable of procuring the email addresses of web users easily to spam them.

It is no wonder that web users are frustrated with the spam mail in their inbox and install anti-spam software which filters such mail on their behalf. Hence, a lot of promotional mails would be deleted even before they get into the inbox. Businesses would be wasting their money and potential business contacts when they deploy email marketing strategies recklessly in this manner.

Smart offline marketing gurus like Mr. Dan Kennedy know how to manipulate physical mail to their advantage and make it the business lifeblood. It is possible to procure targeted business leads in a specific demographic and enjoy higher conversion rates in the business when proper offline marketing strategies are planned.

Successful Integration

Since digital technology has progressed rapidly today with more dynamic online marketing solutions and tools, smart marketers and business owners should integrate both marketing options wisely to optimize their marketing efforts. This would require a proper integration of online and offline marketing tools, techniques and solutions in any marketing attempt to win over identified market niches or audiences.

One of the ways to integrate the conventional with the modern is to source physical mailing addresses from potential business leads that visit the company website. Good landing pages that compel web visitors to leave their email addresses for further contact and information updates could also request for physical mailing addresses where physical promotional materials could be delivered to the physical mailbox.

These potential business leads would be on both sides of the receiving end to be convinced of the product or service. The conversion rate is higher when consumers are prompted online and offline marketing approaches.

Benefits of Physical Mail

Despite the rapid progression of digital technology that promotes emailing today, many consumers are still excited to receive mail in their physical mailbox. Informative and relevant flyers could stir up the desired enthusiasm in consumers who would make a quick purchase decision or call up the company to grab the deal noted on the flyer.

Physical mailing techniques include grabbers where special elements are attached to the physical letter. These attachments are purportedly attractions to the mail recipients to capture their attention to the business offer. They also serve as great incentives for the mail recipients to support the brand or company.

Well-designed physical mail could prove interesting and attractive to targeted recipients for the desired business effect or result. There could be a splash of curiosity inserted creatively on the leaflet or flyer to stir up interest in the brand or company. This could prompt the recipient to call up the company for further action that benefits the business bottom line.


Physical mails could be highly effective sales copies that could win over targeted consumers if the letter pitches well on its subject matter. Every form of effective and efficient marketing strategy and a solution must be considered proper to grab the attention of niche market audiences by standing out in the crowd.

It is not necessary to throw out the old just because there is the new. A proper integration of both could bring tremendous favorable results for the smart business owner or marketer.