Every business today knows the importance of good traffic to their website for more sales and profits. Organic traffic is preferred to lower the cost of marketing which is highly coveted by business owners and marketers. This is a major business objective on the list of businesses and companies wanting to survive or excel in the market for a long time.

End Goal of Traffic

With the myriad of marketing tools and solutions readily available in the marketplace today, it is not difficult to procure traffic to the business website. However, the end goal of traffic should be to convert these into successive subscribers of the business. This would ensure that the business would receive sales continuously from loyal and supportive customers. Hence, every web visitor generated to the web business site should be targeted as a potential business lead and be converted into a paying customer as soon as possible through effective marketing means.

High traffic volume on the website does not necessarily imply higher sales and profits. The bounce rate may be higher where web visitors are not responding well to the website offerings. Many of them leave the page within seconds without making the necessary call-to-action response. This is the worst result for any business which has allowed potential business leads or opportunities to slip off their grip.

Quality Contents

There are many ways to boost traffic to the website; one of which is high-quality contents. With the best of relevant contents, more traffic could be attracted to the website of any brand or business as web users are hungry for these. Business owners and marketers need to focus on unique and relevant contents that would meet the needs and expectations of targeted audiences to their business or brand. Web visitors would readily become subscribers to the business mailing list for more of these contents.

Applying SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is highly coveted by search engines like Google, which evaluates the dynamism of a site. Business sites and blog sites need to apply relevant SEO features on their articles and posts to attract the attention of search engines for a more favorable evaluation on webpage ranking. It has been noted that a higher ranking of the webpage would attract more traffic to the website, but more work is needed to turn them into subscribers.

The inclusion of favorable keywords and keyword phrases with proper highlights and tags would draw the attention of search engines to evaluate the article in better light for higher rankings. The use of ALT Tags and Meta descriptions of contents and images would boost SERP listing positions. This would require alertness to the SEO density on contents before posting or publishing, which marketers and webmasters need to handle deftly.

Social Networking

The strong influence of social media today is incredible to impact businesses and any online activity. Web users ply various social media daily from all types of digital devices which allow them to connect with anyone at anytime from anywhere.

The high popularity of social media networks like Facebook and Twitter offers businesses numerous opportunities to secure more traffic to their site where they can interact and engage with web visitors for a conversion as a subscriber to their mailing list.

Back Linking

The inclusion of backlinks is highly effective in procuring more traffic from reputed sources to boost one’s market awareness and reputation. Links from authorized sites could be very influential to draw web users to the business site if relevant contents are available.

Web visitors may be attracted to the business site if quality contents are readily and frequently available. They would sign on as subscribed readers to enjoy more such articles.

Guest Blogging

Business owners or marketers who write well on their preferred topics could be guest bloggers in other reputed channels on the Internet to attract more traffic to their own sites. Reputed or authorized sites would welcome quality and charismatic bloggers with quality and interesting contents to post on their sites.

This is an excellent opportunity for business owners or marketers to captivate web readers who may not come over to their own site. Business owners and marketers could also comment professionally and wittingly on related posts at other sites to draw in targeted readers and grow their mailing list.

Engaging Subscribers

A very effective way to secure more traffic to the blog is to engage with the current readers or subscribers. This act of interactivity exudes friendliness and helpfulness which would impact readers who might engage in spreading the word around about the website. Their friends and followers could be directed to the blogger or marketer and the reader database would grow in due time.

When current readers and supporters are happy or satisfied with the friendly and helpful treatment accorded to them at all times, they are likely to introduce their families, friends, and associates to the site. This is a highly effective marketing strategy that brings in huge results to favor the blogger or marketer.

Bloggers with quality contents should encourage their readers to leave favorable comments and feedback in their blog columns which would be read by others. There must also be frequent and professional interaction with current readers and supporters to strengthen the relationship between the two parties. This would build loyalty and strong support to the blogger.

No Spamming

Respect must be exercised at all times by the blogger who must be ethical and professional in every way. This is very important to leave a strong favorable impact on readers and potential subscribers as modern web users are highly discerning with busy schedules.

Spamming is an unfavorable online activity which is frowned upon. Unrelated emails are sent to targeted web readers, regardless of the relevancy of contents in the email. The inboxes of these readers could overflow and important emails could be missed.

Spamming does not necessarily increase traffic as hoped by its practitioners. There are unfavorable backlashes which the blogger or company would suffer. This would make it harder for the blogger to reestablish a good reputation in the marketplace.


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