How To Get More Paying Clients For Business Without Burning Advertising Dollars That Have No Result

Every business requires a certain number of sales from supportive customers or business clients. However, this may require a lot of advertising or dynamic marketing campaigns which could rather costly. Many of such marketing endeavors have been known to waste a lot of money without preferred results. This could be very disappointing to businesses with the growing competition in the market.

Business owners and marketers need to market wisely without burning a hole in their pockets to gain a wider spectrum of target audiences that would boost their business bottom lines. They may need to consider several aspects of advertising that would bring in better ROIs.

1) Cheaper Market Research Alternative

 Market research is necessary for a business to understand the challenges and risks it faces; however, this could be a costly exercise with constant market fluctuation and consumer demands. Hence, marketers are constantly looking for cheaper market research alternatives which would not make a hole in their advertising pocket.

If careful thought is executed, there are social ad campaigns which could fare cheaper than hiring professional market research agencies. This refers to a paid social campaign, which could include online surveys or organic lead generations that would supply the business owner or marketer the necessary market information quickly and accurately.

2) Identify Targeted Demographic or Location

Business owners and marketers could get more from their advertising campaigns regardless of their marketing budget if they could identify their preferred or target audience. There are vibrant paid social media tools which businesses could indulge to plan out their ads that would target specific demographic or location for better outcomes.

Target audiences could refer to mobile audiences with the onslaught of mobile technology flooding the market today. Many companies are deploying mobile marketing to reach a wider group of potential business leads that use mobile devices to get information from the Internet at any time. Social networks form an excellent communication platform in identifying targeted demographics with little cost in advertising that brings in satisfactory results.

3) Promoting Only Superior Content

Social networks prove to be a highly attractive platform for procuring the best of web traffic, which can be converted into business prospects that would boost business outcomes. However, the intense market competition pushes popular social networks like Facebook to implement stringent marketing options in an algorithm that generates a ‘pay-to-play’ environment. Hence, it is only prudent businesses that would invest in paid social media with superior contents which would attract targeted readers to their business site.

Facebook ads are a form of “paid social marketing” options where competitive marketing is high. Only the best of contents would attract the target market to ensure continuity for a business in an intense market.  Superior contents require the inclusion of relevant keywords and keyword phrases which web consumers use to search online. This would also attract search engines which index and rank web pages highly to bring in more traffic to the business websites.

Facebook Ads Dynamics

One of the powerful online advertising tools which business owners and marketers could indulge in for more effective marketing campaigns is Facebook ads. It allows a dynamic promotion of posts on a page or website as well as actions of users. Facebook ads are especially instrumental in targeting users based on demographic and location with specific profile details that would benefit the business marketing campaign. A specific budget is required to create such powerful ads efficiently where the bidding of clicks from ads is critical to the success of the business growth and development.

Facebook advertising offers a higher chance of generating organic traffic through its News Feed option that would convert more web visitors into potential business leads. More sales leads could be generated via Facebook without busting the marketing budget compared to other forms of online advertising options in the market like AdWords.

Marketers and business owners need to consider certain aspects of deploying Facebook Ads successfully for higher returns.

Facebook Page = Sales Page

 The truth of the matter is that a business gets on Facebook to win over customers who make purchases from its company. Hence, the Facebook pages must be viewed seriously as a dynamic marketing strategy that lures targeted audiences to the business shore. This refers to the user-friendliness of the page with proper navigation and call-to-action options that are clear for interested customers to move forward with the brand or company.

A well-designed and a well-maintained Facebook page can be converted into a dynamic sales page that offers the latest business updates or relevant information that would draw more inquiries and market interest.

A proper goal must be clearly defined with the Facebook page where apt online advertising is the focus. Facebook ads could be aptly targeted to reach specific audiences where preferred market groups could be narrowed down for easier identification and connection.

Online Contests and Freebies

 Consumers are enticed by free stuff and contests that offer interesting prizes. Hence, online competitions are attractive advertising modes to generate leads on Facebook ads. A simple copywriting or brand building contest could be easily conducted to win over targeted niche markets where crowds of web traffic could be generated organically.

The mailing list of the company could grow quickly with freebies and attractive contests luring targeted audiences to the business. It is easier to procure the contact and email address of potential business leads with a freebie or attractive promotion that benefits the recipient.


If business owners and marketers deploy Facebook advertising aptly, they would experience better business bottom lines as various marketing aspects could be executed to bring about optimal rewards in the business.

With the proper market research, the specific interests of target users could be identified to deploy the best marketing features on Facebook Ads to attract and connect with these as potential business leads.

If business owners and marketers are unskilled or too busy to deploy Facebook Ads personally, outsourcing would be another marketing option which ensures that the business does not lose out in the market competitiveness.