Businesses today know the importance of high rankings by search engines like Google. Business owners and marketers are aware of the impact of rankings by search engines that would make or break their business. A high web page ranking or high listing on the SERP list of Google brings in favorable results to the brand and company. Hence, it is not surprising to see the stampede by business owners and marketers in securing higher rankings for their websites.

Dynamic Online Searches

As technology advances, the impact on the market and businesses is astounding. There are more and more web consumers who have become accustomed to the Internet for searching information based on their needs, wants and curiosity; and they are not disappointed with the growing quantum of information at their disposal.

It is not difficult to search for any type of information from the Internet today and collect all sorts of data in abundance. The apt use of specific keywords would offer a long list of suggested sites for the web user. This prompts businesses to strive even more for higher rankings on their websites using appropriate keywords used by web users to gain more web traffic to their site.

However, it is crucial that websites must offer relevant information that would win over search engine bots for higher rankings in the SERP listing. And it can be seen over time that search results are now more dynamic and personalized to generate a challenging SEO environment that business owners, marketers and even webmasters now face. However, these challenges could be taken positively as apt business opportunities for those who are daring and willing for further exploration.

It is noted in worldwide market surveys that consumer search behavior is changing rapidly with more than half of online searches using mobile devices. This happens as mobile technology continues to emerge as a dynamic force in the digital technology advancement happening today. Even Google has revealed this truth with a surge in voice search via mobile devices.

Google has been constantly updating and adjusting its SERP layout in order to align its context and expectations better with online searches. Good online user experience is targeted by Google, which is a measuring yard for higher page rankings in websites and web pages.

It is noted that web users are expecting to view and receive rich and relevant contents through the recommendation of the SERP listing which not only includes text, images, and local maps but also videos and mobile friendliness. The standard organic listing has rich snippets enhancing the list with visually appealing information presented in an easy way that could be scanned via mobile devices that are highly sophisticated today.

Paid searches are also experiencing changes with Google doubling the PLA sizes. Its announcement on four search ads for highly commercial queries are possible instead of the previous three has attracted more interested website owners. This shift in SERP generated a strong impact on SEO where business owners and marketers need to consider a better display of their contents that would attract their targeted audiences.

This involves the setting up or updating their websites to be more mobile compliant or mobile friendly based on the varied mobile devices used by targeted audiences. This would help generate more target traffic to boost sales and brand building.

Impact of SEO Shift

Webmasters must realize the strong impact of a SERP shift of its classic “10 blue links” to the evolved visually appealing format of today. The past creation of webpage content using selected keywords suffice to secure the desired higher rankings in the SERP; however, the situation has changed where various content types are being ranked in different sections by the search engine bots for higher SERP listing. This is executed for different users in different locations for their convenience.

There is a need to generate different types of content to ensure a compliance with the stringent search algorithm requirements that would boost SERP listing as various areas of the SERP must be satisfied. This may include the implementation of a video or high-quality image of the product or service. Relevant information on the local storefront may be required as part of the compliance requirement besides the FAQ section.

These content elements should be aptly put together with the normal text content to boost a higher SERP ranking just like the implementation of keywords in previous ranking requirement. When business owners and marketers target 3 mobile devices with 5 content types, this would generate a permutation of 15 options which stand to increase the business opportunities created, but this is notably a challenging task with more contents to be produced as there must be apt optimization and tracking to ensure good organic search performance.

Focus by SEO Webmasters

SEO webmasters and marketers now have to put in greater content marketing efforts which would set their websites up properly to augur well by search engines like Google. They must be aware of the types of content which would gain higher rankings on the SERP with the best of target keywords. Such knowledge is critical for webmasters and business owners on improving organic search performances for their brand and business to be sustainable in the market.

Google nowadays does not display a one-size-fits-all SERP to satisfy all websites; hence, webmasters and marketers would have to determine the better ranking positions of their contents that would fit the requirements set by SERPs using chosen keywords. These are signals of competency and compliance for webmasters and business owners to note to ensure higher listing on SERPs that augur well with local results depending on their choice of keywords applied.


Such are the major SERP shifts and changes that webmasters need to be aware of. These are the constant changes happening in the SERP where the optimization of a website is critical as the search engine ranking process has become complex and challenging. Business owners and marketers today need to look far beyond the SERP ranking position for success in the changing marketplace.


What is the SERP?

search engine results page (SERP) is the page displayed by a web search engine in response to a query by a searcher. The main component of the SERP is the listing of results that are returned by the search engine in response to a keyword query, although the page may also contain other results such as advertisements.


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