How to Choose A Social Media Platform

It is well known in the market today that social media is a dynamic marketing platform which businesses would ride on for boosting their brand image and market visibility for more sales and stronger reputation. Many businesses today rely heavily on the Internet and its varied tools or solutions such as social media to generate potential business leads.

Social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter are popular online marketing social networks for many businesses to be established or succeed in the market. It is important to select the best of social media networks that would be an effective marketing platform for the business brand or company.

Selection Criteria

There may be many criteria for selecting the best social media network to be deployed as an effective online marketing platform that would boost business bottom line or branding for any company. This would incorporate a well-designed material schedule and value-added contents that would ensure an effective marketing campaign which brings about optimal results.

Criterion 1 – Primary Objectives

In order for the business to enjoy a higher chance of success with the right social media network as its underpinning online marketing platform, primary objectives need to be clearly identified to be set and executed aptly using the best tools and skills available. This would involve understanding the business outcomes precisely in deploying the preferred social media channel.

However, the primary objective of any company is to generate optimal profits through various marketing channels and tools incorporated in dynamic marketing strategies and campaigns.

Criterion 2 – Identify Target Market

Different businesses would target different consumer groups or crowds that would boost their market presence and brand to spike sales and profits. Snapchat is particularly attractive to the younger generation between 18 and 34 years while older adults could be identified easily through Facebook and Twitter.

Businesses must identify their best target market to push their brand or offerings ahead of their competition, which grows more intense in the market daily. Marketing and sales become easier with the best market group which responds optimally to the marketing strategy.

Criterion 3 – Consumer Demands and Expectations

Increase in sales and profits depend highly on the demands and expectations of the consumer. Business owners and marketers need to discover precisely what targeted audiences want from their brand and company.

Social media permits an easy and comfortable platform for identifying changing consumer demands quickly for the business entrepreneurs and marketers to switch over or change their marketing strategy effectively.

Criterion 4 – Establish Specific Operations

There is always a plethora of tasks to be executed in a business which could prove too much on the plate for the business owner or marketer. This is where apt management is to be exercised to ensure the execution of specific tasks and responsibilities that would draw in the best business customers to the company site.

An hour a day on social media to connect with targeted audiences or potential business leads could bring about a positive effect to the business mailing list. Good social media management could boost the market visibility and brand image of the company.

Criterion 5 – Social Media Content Plan

Another important aspect of social media platform success with online business marketing is the availability of a strong social media content plan. There are many social media applications in the market to confuse business owners and marketers; hence, an efficient and effective social network schedule should be set to attract the best of business customers to the business shores.

Specific relevant components could be incorporated to form a dynamic social media material schedule.

1) Existing Social Media Channels

Business owners and marketers need to be aware of the types of contents available in different social networks, which might prove attractive to their target audiences. Quality materials are always highly sought after by web users who could turn into dynamic and loyal paying customers.

Great ideas could be procured from current social media channels to help propel business development and growth without wasting too much time, effort and cost.

2) Preferred Contents

Premier contents are always in demand; these must be relevant to targeted audiences in search of value-added information for their private consumption. Business owners and marketers must be clear in providing essential contents that fit their targeted audience’s needs to be incorporated into their content marketing schedule.

It is critical for exceptional material or superior value-added contents to be uploaded regularly for targeted audiences that would support the brand or company faithfully. Satisfied consumers are likely to get on the mailing list of the company for more of such contents.

3) Deployment of Apt Tracking Tools

Every strategic marketing campaign needs to be monitored and evaluated to ensure its feasibility and productivity via specific relevant tracking tools such as an Analytics application.  Tracking tools are essential components for success in any social network marketing endeavor where a clear business outcome is identified.

Different tracking tools could be applied depending on the platform or business objectives identified for the best outcomes. This would depend on the direction of the company for every product or service to be promoted.


Many social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are highly popular with businesses today as these networks prove effective as efficient online marketing platforms that would help the business succeed in an intensely competitive market.

As more and more online businesses sprout on the Internet, social media networks prove to be the lifeline of these companies, particularly online business entrepreneurs. The wise choice of social media network as the preferred online marketing platform could turn the business around from inconspicuous to visible in the market with a high demand for its goods and services.

It is a simple task for the diligent and experienced business owner or marketer to manipulate their preferred social media network site into a successful marketing platform for their business or company. An allotted time on a daily basis would keep the business owner or marketer connected to the largest target audience for their business growth and success in a short timeframe.


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