2017 has come and gone with 2018 firmly setting the landscape. Businesses are beset with questions and opportunities to boost their market position. Hence, it is not surprising to note the increased number of upcoming market trends expected in 2018. This would likely include B2B marketing approaches and methods as well as lead generation success.

It may be news to many that one of the potential market trends is going smaller for businesses. This may seem surprising to many businesses which would equate size with success. However, there may be more than meets the eye on this market suggestion. This could transform the business from applying the right lead generation methods to marketing budgets this year.

Going Smaller?

The primary function of B2B marketing is to secure good leads through specifically planned events and conventions. These are likened as gold mines to generate the desired leads for businesses in all fields. It is common knowledge and practice in the market that live events with SEO are highly effective as a dynamic marketing channel to produce organic leads for higher ROI.

Business owners and marketers who understand this concept are likely to put their money here where good efforts invested in local business lead generation are likely to secure more organic leads at lower costs. This also implies that businesses need not compete with the big boys who join large events for the market share. Hence, it is found that businesses hosting small events personally enjoy greater returns to their marketing efforts as this approach is more effective and efficient in reaching identified market targets.

Marketing gurus and industry experts noted that it is more effective in connecting the right or preferred crowd rather than trying to reach out to as many prospects as possible. Being focused on the right prospects allows these businesses to enjoy a controlled environment minus the competitors for higher success.

Quality over Quantity

A changing mindset towards online marketing is happening today as businesses strive to win over their preferred customers. Thinking through, this concept or approach does make sense as consumers prefer quality over quantity. Hence, it is important to adopt the “Quality over Quantity” mindset with B2B marketing.

Marketers should note that it is not the number of leads generated as most of them may not get converted at the end of the day. The crux of the matter is getting through to the right leads that would boost the bottom line of the company; otherwise, a lot of effort, time and money would be spent on marketing to gather a large crowd and building relations that may avail to nothing.

Every business could reduce its marketing cost with a smaller event instead of competing with bigger players in big conventions. Although the smaller event may attract a smaller crowd, it would probably draw in those who are really interested in what is offered or advertised. A small volume of leads is not failure if these leads are great potential customers for the company.

The higher percentage of conversion is the better measuring yard of success for a company; not the quantity. The small number is an advantage to the marketer who is able to attend to each potential customer’s needs and expectations with more time to build up stronger relations that would bring in the sales. Time is not wasted in filtering the leads and business goals could be met more quickly.

Marketers would also be able to promote themselves, brand and products or services more effectively with a more personal approach as more time is spent with each lead. This would prove to be a more efficient marketing method for the marketer or business owner who saves much more in the end.

Better Outcomes

Going smaller with lead generation is a dynamic marketing tool which modern business owners and marketers should consider deploying diligently. A scaling down of marketing efforts to target a smaller number of leads would be more productive when those leads are likely to convert.

This marketing approach is highly effective for small and new businesses struggling to compete in the intensely competitive market, but it is still viable for big businesses that understand the dynamics of such marketing concepts. Better manpower is deployed wisely when the right niche markets are targeted to close deals and contracts.

Higher savings could be enjoyed by the company with going smaller lead generation marketing as the marketing scale is smaller leading to lower expenses. A proper identification of potential business leads could be executed properly to channel the best of efforts and resources towards the right leads for higher outcomes.

Greater satisfaction is experienced by targeted leads that enjoy personalized services and consultation to make favorable purchasing decisions with the company. Marketers are more motivated in their work to enjoy a higher level of self-fulfillment as they are now more productive and effective.

Social Media Impact

But going smaller with lead generation is not necessarily applicable in events where personal promotions happen. This marketing strategy could also be effective in social media where dynamic social media platforms such as LinkedIn provide promising returns for B2B lead generation.

With the growing number of users plying social media platforms today, it is not surprising to note the increasing success of businesses deploying going smaller marketing rather than casting a wide net to secure more leads. LinkedIn has been proven successful in connecting the right groups of people together in the market and this should be capitalized on by businesses of all trades.


It may seem foolish to many businesses that going smaller with lead generation may be counteractive for more results but the opposite happens. 2018 is a great year to experience new marketing strategies for better ROIs. Less time and cost would be enjoyed without wasting them on ineffective leads which must be screened and disposed of.

There are plenty of experienced and reputable SEO companies that offer their skills and marketing strategy ideas to ensure success in going smaller with lead generation marketing concept today.