Every modern business, regardless of size and industry knows that web traffic is highly crucial for its survival in today’s tough market. Hence, it is critical to generate or source sufficient web traffic to their website for potential sales and profits. This involves a stringent marketing approach that is effective and efficient that would generate useful traffic to the business website.

Targeted Traffic

A business may procure huge traffic volumes to its website without generating high sales and profits. This is attributed to the wrong kind of traffic generated. Targeted traffic is what every business desires to boost sales and profits. However, it may be challenging if not daunting for a company to enjoy a constant stream of targeted traffic; and for free.

Generating targeted traffic need not be difficult for business owners or marketers if they are clear about their goals and objectives. A critical factor of targeted traffic is the source which must be qualified and reliable. But not only would businesses want targeted traffic from good and reliable sources, they would also want free targeted traffic.

It can be quite costly for businesses to pay for targeted traffic; hence, many would opt for free traffic which some reliable traffic sources could oblige. Business owners and marketers could profit handsomely on free traffic if they are aware of the best of search engines to assist them in their quest.

1) Local Search Engine Pages

There is a vast amount of free traffic, which could be generated from local search engine pages if only business owners and marketers knew how to manipulate them. This is quite an easy effort as one could claim a local page exclusively for their business.

Business owners and marketers who include relevant contents and links on their primary web pages are likely to generate free traffic quickly. This would attract the right types of traffic which the business wants as a higher conversion rate could be expected. This is a great marketing approach, especially for a local business as there would be a definite pull on local searches.

A business could be built up successfully when it is well recognized by local search engines to enjoy more successful local searches. When the business becomes well established locally, there is greater strength to succeed in the international markets.

2) Build Multiple HubPages

Another way to generate targeted free traffic is to consider building multiple hub pages. These are dynamic platforms that are highly conducive to successful marketing. Modern online users are constantly surfing to find their preferred contents from various sources. Hub pages are one of their favorite online haunts to secure their desired information.

Moreover, these are free for business owners or marketers to build and post content on. If high quality contents are posted according to the stipulated rules, targeted readers would be attracted. This is the desired organic traffic generated from preferred search engines directed to the business website.

The important factor for business owners and marketers here is to add quality and relevant contents continually with a proper market research while adhering to the terms and conditions stipulated by the platform. There would be specific posting instructions from top page creators which must be complied to avoid getting blacklisted or banned.

If business owners or marketers know how to manipulate hub pages dynamically, they would be generating huge volumes of targeted traffic at no cost as their contents would attract their preferred niche audiences from across the globe.

3) Reverse Engineer Google Alerts

Yet another fantastic traffic generating tool is Google Alerts which enables contents to find the business or brand. This is executed via long tailed keywords that are specifically related to the business niche or brand. Such an approach helps business owners and marketers keep pace with press releases and any other contents posted online. This includes content from market competitors and potential business leads.

All types of contents could be manipulated aptly particularly online video and blogs. Appropriate content streams are possible on keyword-related blogs where relevant responses could be generated to meet the needs of online users. Using long tailed keywords also augurs well with search engines on SEO for web pages to enjoy higher rankings on SERP listings.

Using Reverse engineer Google Alerts form the apt solutions or answers with the right link to the identified business site or blog which draws targeted traffic from search engines. Such traffic is highly coveted as it is organic and targeted.

4) YouTube Videos via High Traffic Videos

It is undisputed that YouTube is yet the best of marketing approaches today for generating free targeted traffic. No other marketing approach or platform is as effective where a top trafficked video in related niche could draw more traffic to the business site by a simple video response to it.

Business owners or marketers could react proactively by posting their promo video on YouTube and expect a relatively satisfactory traffic flow on an ongoing basis. This type of video response could be easily created by almost anyone. The addition of an appropriate link to the web business site or squeeze page would boost the traffic volume tremendously.

This could be done easily in the description column to attract interested viewers. As more and more online users are attracted to online videos, this is a dynamic marketing tool to draw them to the business site for more sales.


With the advanced digital technologies roaming the market today, it is not difficult to generate free and targeted traffic for any business with the right mindset. This includes thinking about the availability of free traffic, which is everywhere with reliable and new sources to generate them on a continuous basis.

Therefore, the market offers an endless flow of free targeted traffic, which businesses could tap on effortlessly with the right approach and mindset. A little inspiration could boost the traffic flow that could change the bottom line of the business quickly.

These are dynamic marketing approaches, especially for new and small businesses with limited funds for expansive online marketing endeavors.