There are many interesting features in Pinterest to be used in drawing huge traffic to any website. This is good news for businesses that want a constant flow of preferred business leads to boost their sales and market image.

Advantages of Pinterest in Marketing

Pinterest boasts of millions of potential business customers who can be lured into the brand and business without paying a single cent. Market research reveals 18% of Pinterest users draw over $75,000 in average income. That means, Pinterest is full of potential clients for tons of businesses.

The powerful features of Pinterest could be used by anyone on the mailing list or social media networks. Deploying the right tips and tricks would get business owners and marketers achieve their business goals with Pinterest.

Tip 1 – Sending out emails

Emails are highly effective in updating targeted business leads and customers with offers of the brand or business. Besides following others on Pinterest, online newsletters on the business mailing list should be sent out regularly with interesting and useful contents on their Pinterest page.

Tip 2 – Daily Following

Following targeted Pinterest users proactively on a daily basis can seduce users to do likewise in reciprocal. This will grow the number of your fans and followers on Pinterest to generate a bigger Pinterest list for the business.

Tip 3 – Pin Pictures Daily

The strength of Pinterest is in pictures and images; the more the merrier to secure the attention of targeted audiences, especially if the images are connected to the brand or business niche. This would captivate the attention of the right leads.

Tip 4 – Update Fans and Followers List

Time and effort should not be wasted too much on those who are not following your Pinterest updates. These people should be removed to make space for others who would come in. Updating the fans and followers list consistently helps business owners and marketers be more focused on their marketing efforts.

Tip 5 – Include Pinterest Button Website

A Pinterest button on the business website or blog site allows other Pinterest users to draw in other potential business leads by sharing the blog or squeeze page. There is no cost, but only benefits for the business.

Tip 6 – Pinterest Pictures Story

A daily picture post of what is happening keeps interested parties updated with the latest news on the brand or business. These pictures can tell a powerful story of the brand’s journey in the market.

Tip 7 – Welcome New Followers

A good and lasting impression should be given and established with every new follower on Pinterest. These form a potential business lead magnet for business growth and development. A good first impression with a warm welcome builds strong relations.

Tip 8 – Making Friends

Making friends with other Pinterest marketers can widen any marketer’s scope of influence and contacts in the market because relevant information and market assistance could then be acquired. This could even be used to activate viral traffic (word of mouth) amongst the crowd to boost business.

Tip 9 – Post Hall of Fame Pictures

Being seen with someone of authority in the same niche or a market expert helps build confidence in the brand that would attract even more potential business leads to the business. Looking famous or being in the company of the ‘rich and famous’ is a strong boost to the business image.

Tip 10 – Signature File in Outgoing emails

Having a signature on every out mail is not only stylish but also professional in promoting the business owner or marketer. Plus, you get the branding benefits as well.

Tip 11 – Special Attractions

Special features such as discounts and vouchers are great attractions to any business. This causes a spark to the business as incentives for targeted audiences to follow on Pinterest.

Tip 12 – Give Comments

A good feedback is always good for any business. Good comments help the business owner or marketer to connect better with targeted audiences. If the business niche is focused, it can draw more interest and web traffic to the brand.

Tip 13 – Generate a Cash Contest

Contests are fun and exciting to draw in the right crowd, especially if cash is the winning incentive. Such contests, direct more web users to be followers while being engaged in the Pinterest posts.

Tip 14 – Name Branding

Branding the business name is crucial to success in the market. This boosts the building of market reputation as a preferred brand while being established as a public figure where loyal followers are attracted.

Tip 15 – Business Branding

A business should also be branded in the market through the use of good relations. Potential business leads would then support the brand when the business is well established. Greater market connectivity is of course required to establish a strong business in the market.

Tip 16 – Schedule Weekly Posts

Scheduling weekly posts ahead of posting times reflects the efficiency and professionalism of the brand and business instead of relying on daily posting which could become haphazard and rushed. When the posts are scheduled weekly, business owners and marketers gain more time and thus become productive in their business.

Tip 17 – Target Buyer Keywords

The right keyword brings in the right buyers to boost the bottom line of a company. Hence, it is important to target the right buyers to the business with the best keywords.

Tip 18 – Good Link Tracking

Including good backlinks is excellent to direct targeted traffic to the business site, but these backlinks need to be tracked to ensure the right buyers are being drawn. Good link tracking helps the company to be more efficient in its marketing endeavors.

Tip 19 – Deploy Squeeze Page

The appropriate use of the squeeze page builds the business subscriber base out of Pinterest. Potential business leads come on board when they are directed to the squeeze page for the right call to action.

Tip 20 – Right Images

The right image is powerful to secure the desired results from targeted audiences. It is very convincing when the chosen image focuses on meeting the needs of the target consumer.

Tip 21 – Include Motivational Quotes

This is a great inspirational feature that would attract many fans to follow your brand on Pinterest.


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Follow these 21 tips to get quality customers using Pinterest marketing

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