A website is a very important component of 21st century online marketing as it draws on the best of traffic to its shores in promoting the brand or company. However, the website must be aptly designed and developed to be maintained constantly so that it will always be up to par with its competitors to survive the intense market competition.

There may be plenty of tools to design and develop a website for any business, but a website needs to be evaluated to be industry-worthy. This may require certain tools to do the job as the available array of resources in computing the site’s worth may not be all accurate.

Website Worth

The worth of a website speaks tons to boost the brand and company image in the market. This is where business owners and marketers must understand the evaluation process and tools that determine the worth of their website. Many websites are designed and developed to procure high incomes such as that through Google Adsense but this is not the primary or most important form of evaluation of the worth of the website.

Others may consider the Alexa ranking as the best evaluation approach for a website and its worth in the market. This may give an understanding of the site’s popularity based on the quantum of web traffic coming through but may not be converted aptly into sales and profits.

It is the website owner who can determine how much their website is worth before adopting the best of evaluation process and tools in such computations.

1) Revenue Generated

A website can generate income or revenue in numerous ways. This includes:

  • Availability of ad space
  • Product sales
  • Subscription/Membership payments
  • Online course participation

The creativity of the webmaster or marketer could convert a website into a dynamic money-generating tool targeting the best of web visitors regularly. If the website owner or marketer deems that the revenue generated is crucial to the survival of the brand or company, it could be used as an important appraisal factor for its website value.

2) Website Age

The longer the website is on the web, the higher its worth or online value as it is noted in the marketplace. It would mean that the website is already a familiar site on the web with search engines like Google having evaluated and indexed it before to give it a ranking.

Search engines would have identified the website based on its online presence working on several parameters that include:

  • Brand recognition
  • Availability of backlinks
  • Market Trust – People will definitely place more trust in an older website than one that has just been created.

Older websites tend to become a household name as they are more established in the market, especially if they offer favorable products and services which satisfy consumers. It is also noted that an older website tends to have more backlinks to draw more traffic from other reliable and established sources; this would put the site into a better and more competitive light in the market.

It is also common for consumers to trust older websites that have been around in the market longer than new ones as the latter may have proven track records of their performance and services.

3) Domain Name Potential

Another factor of consideration in website value appraisal is the domain name in terms of market potential as the domain name serves to determine the competitiveness and marketability of the brand. A catchy and easily remembered domain name would be readily recognized and found to generate more traffic that would lead to higher potential income for the company.

4) SEO Analysis of Website

A dynamic website always manipulates the best of search engine optimization or SEO where the best of SEO features are aptly incorporated to captivate the attention of search engines. Different websites with different applications of SEO would draw different reviews and favors from different sectors such as search engines, competitors, consumers, and investors.

A website that incorporates high-quality SEO is deemed to be more visible in the market as search engines like Google index and evaluate it to esteem it of a higher value; thus, a higher page ranking would be accorded. Business owners or website owners need to integrate the best or latest SEO features that would have their website augur well with top search engines like Google as web consumers today rely heavily on such platforms’ recommendation.

5) Web Content Available

Websites that draw in high volumes of web visitors regularly tend to be uniquely designed to be attractive and appealing to a wide array of consumers. These websites have a tendency to win over targeted audiences with their well-planned pages that are filled with great contents.

As known in the online marketing environment, content is king; high-quality contents serve to capture the attention of targeted brand consumers while luring new potential business leads to the business shores via the website.

Unique page views are highly valued if interesting and relevant contents are available to web visitors. Well written contents make it easy for web readers to understand and digest to make quick purchasing decisions that are favorable to the brand and company. News sites and educational sites are examples of sites that tend to offer high-value contents to draw in large crowds.

6) Assets of Website

A website has value because it has assets; these must be recognized by the owner or marketer before further dynamic online marketing plans and campaigns can be executed. Additional features included in a website could boost its value and basic structure to make it stand out in the crowd.

These features include:

  • A relevant and dynamic theme
  • An up-to-date email listing
  • Available plugins
  • A vibrant domain name

7) More Web Traffic

Last but not least, the amount of web traffic generated to a website is a good proof of the site’s value or worth. Like bees attracted to honey, traffic attracts traffic, which in turn attracts the attention of search engines.

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