As technology has progressed rapidly today, business owners and marketers have a field day in picking up the best of online marketing tools and solutions for their brand building and business promotions. It is the wise business entrepreneurs and marketers who do not sideline or underestimate the power of certain online marketing tools and solutions which could offer great gains to business growth and expansion; one of which is video marketing.

Dynamics of Video Marketing

With the quick changes in the market trends and consumer demands stemming from advanced technologies, businesses today are operating in highly different ways than the past decade. There are plenty of tools and resources which could be deployed or manipulated effectively by business owners and marketers to win over targeted customers in any industry or market.

The rise of online visuals such as infographics and images has opened up many dynamic business opportunities for business owners and marketers. This comes about as more and more modern consumers prefer to execute daily operations via the Internet visually than over text alone. Hence, the availability of videos has received overwhelming responses from web users who want more and more as the days go by.

Video marketing is such a big hit with web consumers that business owners and marketers cannot ignore or even reconsider. This form of online marketing serves to solidify the brand presence on the Internet quickly to draw more targeted audiences to the business shores. It could be easily executed over the web or intranet for the best of outcomes.

Hence, it is not surprising that videos are highly preferred and high-quality videos are very much sought after. A brand or company could enjoy more favorable responses from all quarters with vibrant videos that contain interesting information and captivating presentations. This is the era for a business, small or large, to indulge in video marketing where dynamic videos can be produced effortlessly.

Mistakes to Avoid

There are many things which a marketer could do to get going in a dynamic video marketing campaign where the competition is intensifying quickly. The inclusion of video marketing in any online marketing campaign is a digital marketing strategy that is saluted. A marketer needs to get going like a pro by getting out of the comfort zone to jump onto the bandwagon of success for the desired results.

This is the necessary drastic measure required for modern marketing today as customers are very well-versed with the latest technologies in the market to demand the best of solutions or tools for their satisfaction. Indeed, videos are now more favored as they are more interested in form and presentation than the content per se.

Consumers find video contents easier to understand while grasping the message contained. The visual content is simple in conveying the intended thoughts and ideas to sell the message to targeted consumers than written text. However, marketers need to avoid certain mistakes with video marketing to be successful in reaping the desired results.

1) Long Videos

One common mistake in video production is the production of long or never-ending videos that take up too much of consumers’ time and energy. The popularity of videos today need not overwhelm targeted audiences to convey the video message aptly for the right action to be taken by viewers.

A lengthy video tends to be boring and confusing which could ruin the original good impression towards the brand or company. Hence, the length of time for an effective video should be short to convey the message clearly in an interesting manner that would captivate the attention of viewers.


2) Pushing the Sale

Although a video is produced to boost sales for the company, it can be quite annoying for viewers to be kept reminded on making a purchase when they are not fully convinced about the brand or its products. The primary objective of videos in marketing is to attract targeted audiences to be curious or interested in the brand offerings.

If the marketer keeps insisting on a sale or keeps reminding viewers of calls to action, the latter would be annoyed as modern consumers are very discerning in their purchase decisions today. A poor image could be slapped on the brand or company which may not augur well for the company if bad reviews were posted.

3) Missing Title/Description

A frequent mistake of marketers on videos in marketing is the missing title or the description of the video contents which leave the viewers hanging on the purpose and objective. Video titles are essential marketing components that help viewers to understand the brand or company offerings easily beside getting on the right side of search engines like Google for indexing and site evaluations. This would promote the page ranking of the site to draw the preferred audiences to the site.

SEO-friendly titles and descriptions should be adopted to attract viewers to the website. This would augur well with search engines for better rankings besides spiking the brand presence in the market.

4) Missing Call-To-Action

Every video contains relevant and important contents that should direct the viewers to the specific action desired by the marketer. However, if the marketer misses out on the call-to-action feature in the video, interested viewers who are potential business customers would not be prompted to take the right action that benefits the bottom line of the business.

This would be a blatant wasted business opportunity where viewers could enjoy the contents, but no further action is required of them for the benefit of the business. It would be a waste of time and costs on the business if the viewers just enjoyed the video without taking the necessary or preferred actions.

Hence, the call-to-action component is highly pertinent in video marketing to boost the conversion rate of sales for the business or company. The right call-to-action instruction prompts the viewer to take the necessary action that makes the marketing strategy and campaign successful.



If the above-mentioned video marketing mistakes are avoided, the marketer would enjoy greater success with the deployment of videos.