With the rapid advance of digital technologies today, more than half the world’s population is enjoying sophisticated digital devices for their personal comfort or work success. More and more consumers are shopping online via these sophisticated digital devices at the comfort of their homes.

ECommerce Boom

The rise of eCommerce brought about many remarkable changes in the market as consumer behavior changes drastically. The retail sector is enjoying the boom in economy as progressive technologies spur on new innovations and dynamic solutions for consumers. Businesses today are turning to online stores to remain competitive in the market.

The economic boom is a strong factor for businesses to thrive if they adopt the best marketing tools and strategies with the right platforms available. It is imperative for every business to stay alert and active in the game to survive; much less thrive. Those with a robust online store would have an added advantage over their competitors, although the journey is not going to be all smooth and easy.

Many businesses spring up quickly on a daily basis to flood the market deploying the latest tools and solutions in their marketing endeavors. Hence, it is crucial for existing players to be updated with the best if not the latest technologies to keep up with the pace with the latest market trends and demands. This is a part of the eCommerce evolution, which happens frequently.

Businesses must be smart and aggressive to stay alert on changing market trends that the eCommerce sector is bringing on.

Rise in Mobile Usage

Studies revealed and confirmed the strong impact or influence of mobile technology in eCommerce markets. More and more consumers will tap into the Internet via their mobile phones and mobile devices instead of using desktops or laptops which are bulkier and inconvenient. Mobile devices are smaller, lighter, portable and available on a 24/7 basis to consumers.

Furthermore, Google has enhanced its ranking algorithm to include mobile responsiveness or mobile friendliness on a site. This pushes the power of mobile technology, even higher where more dynamic mobile devices and mobile apps are designed for the pleasure and convenience of users. Businesses that quickly pick up on such technologies with an appropriate app are set to capture a bigger market share.

Increase in Voice Purchases

With the increase in sophisticated mobile phones such as smartphones that have integrated voice features, it is said that eCommerce is set to impact the market widely with its greater leverage for better personalized shopping experiences. The availability of sophisticated voice assistant services in the mobile devices encourages mobile users to perform various tasks through voice recognition instead of keying in the instructions.

An eCommerce app could be designed to fit the business goals and consumer needs that would encourage more sales as buyers search and purchase the products just by using their voice alone. This feature can also be useful for the physically handicapped who can only use their voice to surf the Internet.

More Payment Options

ECommerce stores can offer flexible shipping options that include fast and free shipping services. This would delight buyers with purchases above a certain quota or within a specific distance. Business owners and marketers who deploy eCommerce solutions are able to provide more lucrative benefits that would leave their competition far behind.

ECommerce solutions can include premium shipping options such as a ‘pick-up order from in-stores’, according to customer’s convenience, ‘same-day’ delivery and convenient returns or exchanges. New payment options are also emerging; this includes e-Wallet and Mobile pay which prove to be highly convenient and contemporary to modern buyers.

Chatbots with Messenger

The advanced technologies in this era bring about Chatbots with a Messenger feature to improve personalized interaction on eCommerce platforms. Many retailers are deploying Chatbots to enhance their personalized marketing content in capturing more potential business leads while recommending relevant product purchases to targeted audience.

Chatbots with Messenger can also notify mailing list subscribers on various sales, deals or voucher offers. Furthermore, retailers are able to take note of special requests or feedback from their customers to improve their services. Problems encountered by customers could be resolved quickly when notified through Messenger. The brand gets more acknowledgements for better services that are rendered to draw more favor from customers.

Wider Market Presence

With the increasing competition in the market, it is crucial for all businesses, big or small, in any industry to ensure a strong presence in the market for their brand and company. Hence, companies need to create a stronger market presence to avoid being crowded out in the intense competition arising from the strong influence of mobile technology and its sophisticated devices.

Different types of mobile devices are now operating on different Operating System (OS) platforms by millions of mobile users on a daily basis. ECommerce businesses must adapt to cater to the changing market conditions as the market trend evolves. It is unwise to target certain devices only as modern consumers are becoming more tech-savvy and adaptive to new technologies.

Videos with Augmented Reality

Many giant eCommerce businesses are already into videos with augmented reality (AR) features in their marketing strategies. Videos have become a dynamic online marketing tool for businesses to showcase their brand products and services in a visually captivating manner that brings them more sales and even customers.

Videos with Augmented Reality

Many giant eCommerce businesses are already into videos with augmented reality (AR) features in their marketing strategies. Videos have become a dynamic online marketing tool for businesses to showcase their brand products and services in a visually captivating manner that brings them more sales and even customers.

Businesses are also experimenting with Augmented Reality features where users could check out the product virtually on screens before making a purchase. This enhances the confidence of consumers in the brand and product with a greater familiarity before purchase.

Captivating Stories

A good story can capture the attention of the listener; this goes for eCommerce marketing as well where the website could depict stories that would captivate web viewers strongly. This is an exciting eCommerce marketing strategy as a good story could lure web visitors in making an immediate purchase.

Good storytelling is a great online marketing tool for businesses to promote their brands and offers as a good story stirs up buyers’ emotions, especially if the buyers are able to relate to the message or the contents of the story.


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