Social media is highly influential today in online marketing and businesses that uses modern technologies and clever marketing tactics to promote themselves. This is true especially with Instagram which has become even more popular than Twitter in recent years. Social media networks present an amazing marketing platform for promoting brands and companies.

Include Great Photos

Visuals are more preferred than text in today’s market where consumers find images more attractive and captivating. Hence, it is a positive marketing tactic to include lots of pictures and photographs in a marketing campaign, but many businesses are still lacking in this aspect from reluctance to invest time or money in enhancing their site using photos. This could stem from their lack of knowledge or creativity over the right content to be posted to attract their preferred customers.

Many consumers today like to view photographs, pictures and images more than reading text. The former is more captivating than the latter. If relevant, attractive photos are included in the site, it would be a great marketing technique to draw in more potential business leads. Greater web traffic is expected to flow into the site which contains appealing pictures more than words. Hence, it is not surprising to note the quick rise to fame for Instagram – whether with individuals or businesses.

Business owners and marketers who want to deploy Instagram marketing must learn to take great photos that reflect their brand or company. Instagram is such an appealing and visual app that allows a display of information in a more distinct and captivating form to attract targeted audience. Pictures and photos are dynamic marketing features which reflect the beauty of the brand or product in generating a better understanding to induce a purchase.

Business owners and marketers need to consider the best composition in the photos that would depict an interesting story which captivates the audience. This way one can direct the thoughts and attention to the images they use of the brand or company.

Telling a Story

The aim of the photo or image is to convince potential customers of the brand and its offerings. Hence, the selected photos must be presented in such a way that could tell an interesting story which reflects the brand or company. This should perk up the curiosity or interest of the consumer to enquire further about the brand and what it has to offer.

A proper picture or photo could be presented creatively that would cause further imagination to the viewer to fuel the desire to find out more about the brand or products offered. However, the chosen photos must reflect the brand or product clearly so that the business message is clear for the viewers to take a decisive action such as a sign up or a purchase.

If the business owner or marketer is creative, they could use appropriate photos that could tell an interesting story about the brand or company through a series of postings that is related to one another. This will make the site more intriguing instead of posting all the photos in one session. A serial posting of photos makes the site or brand more interesting as the curiosity is built up and web consumers would want to find out what’s next to be offered.


Presentation Style

Well selected photos with a title or short description are excellent in capturing the attention of viewers. As with the saying goes, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’; a great picture could tell a lot about the brand and its products.

The right photo could be presented aptly with a title that helps viewers understand the gist or main point of the message quickly. The presentation style must be suitable or appropriate to boost the effect of the photo that would represent the brand and company.

Different businesses in different industries would have different types of photos selected to showcase their strengths and message effectively in their marketing endeavors. Pictures presented creatively could be very inspiring to motivate viewers to become buyers.

Hence, it is not necessary to showcase the products per se; this is creative marketing using pictures on Instagram.

Pictures could be presented creatively that show the desirable ‘lifestyle’ to potential buyers. In return, this may cause them to consider making a purchase as they will see themselves as depicted by the picture. Knowing the desires and expectations of the target audience helps business owners and marketers adopt the best of strategies in their choice of photos on Instagram.

Showcasing Lifestyle

Every product selected to be marketed must have a value that is accepted by consumers. Hence, every product has a value which marketers need to work to convince their customers. What marketers and business owners are really selling is a lifestyle which consumers may desire.

The product promoted is to be part of the solution for the viewer where a better lifestyle is within reach. This is supposedly the promise of the product promoted. For example, in selling fat-free yogurt, marketers need to present pictures of lean ABS!

This is important in ensuring success in modern marketing strategies and campaigns as the product value proposition is what really excites the target audience – more than the product itself.

The right picture could motivate or inspire viewers see results or promote the thought that they are one step closer to their dream or what they want to become. Such emotional response is crucial to the success of the marketing campaign for any brand or product and services.

This is how one must proceed with the choice of photos when business owners and marketers want to frame their shots creatively on Instagram. This would generate a more successful marketing campaign as the marketing strategy is to infer rather than a direct exposure. Brands and businesses would enjoy higher traction on Instagram when these options are implemented in their online marketing strategy.


Instagram has proven to be a successful online marketing platform which business owners and marketers could manipulate its features appropriately to gain wider attention in their niche markets.


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Do not ignore the value of photos in instagram marketing

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