As 2018 commences, businesses are quick to take a checklist of potential marketing trends and solutions that could prove helpful in their quest for greater success and bigger bottom lines. This may require a keen diligence in identifying the digital marketing trends happening this year to seize any upcoming opportunity that would put the brand or business in the best light.

With the progressive digital technologies emerging on the market scene, it is not difficult for a business to identify what marketing steps should be taken to stay ahead of their competition. Keen alertness to the changing market trends and consumer demands this year would enable business owners and marketers to take on the right marketing strategies and campaigns for the best of business outcomes.

Go Mobile

The rampant development of mobile technology today is paving the way for smart businesses to position themselves in the market. Smartphones and tablets are quickly pushing laptops and desktops out of the picture with 95% consumers using the latter for online searches.

Tablets and mobile phones have become extremely popular as Internet search devices in the last 3 years. Moreover, Google is also quick to notice the change in consumer demands and choices with their preferred online search medium. The giant search engine is also moving on with mobile-friendly features that would enable a more dynamic online user experience. This would require businesses to consider modifying their sites to be mobile friendly or mobile responsive to attract more traffic.

Businesses would have to consider a serious investment in the optimization of their website to ensure a better online mobile experience. The apps must be user-friendly via mobile responsiveness. More consumers would be getting on the web via their mobile phones and tablets instead of laptops and desktops.

2018 is set to change the way online marketing and sales happening. Brands must be ready to be found by being at the right place and at the right time to provide the right useful information. A new era of online marketing is set to change online marketing with advanced digital technologies emerging to change marketing trends today.


Getting Personal

Pop-up ads and generic advertisements are some of the online marketing tools used by many businesses to make their brands and companies known on the Internet. However, the frequency and placements of these ads may prove annoying to many web users. There is an over-selling or pushing of these ads, which turn web users off on the brand and offerings.

Businesses could enhance their online ads, especially pop-up ads creatively by making them more personalized and natural. This would generate an organic advertising approach which is more acceptable to web users than the boring clichés of such online advertisements. Engaging customers creatively in a personal approach is more impactful as web consumers could identify or relate to the marketer.

This could build a strong customer relationship between the customer and the marketer that opens more doors of business opportunities. Marketers and business owners must seize the opportunity to build trust and confidence in customers to connect with them and identify their needs and preferences. A more genuine and interactive marketing approach is likely to stand strong in 2018 for businesses.

Say “Hey Google”

Text-based searches may drop as voice technology encourages voice searches on the Internet. This is clearly noted with sophisticated voice technology developments such as “Siri”, Amazon Alexa and Google Home which are quickly changing online searches.

The stringent requirements of search engines on relevant keywords in SEO-based searches prove challenging and daunting to many businesses in keyword selections. Long-tail keywords are becoming more necessary for effective online queries.

However, with voice, online searches are made simpler, even with long-tail keywords. More and more web users are active mobile users who deploy the latest mobile and voice technologies in their online endeavors. Businesses that do not consider voice searches may lose out over time to competitors.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the upcoming digital marketing trends in 2018 is artificial intelligence (AI) where sophisticated digital technologies are providing advanced solutions to ease consumer problems and issues. AI is used to collate market data and customer behavior to predict changing and emerging trends and consumer demands.

It is noted that AI technology is related to marketing endeavors of businesses to bring about greater effects. AI is very powerful in showcasing product ads in various marketing sites and platforms that could reach beyond the normal resources of a business. More unexpected consumer groups could be brought in as more sites are browsed.

Voice technology is part and parcel of AI which allows voice searches via mobile phones and mobile devices. This online search method is becoming more popular and rampant today as most web users prefer mobile based searches. It is noted that AI is likely to infiltrate digital marketing more deeply as digital technology progresses. These AI machines are designed to analyze behavior patterns very precisely to gauge content accurately that would offer better statistics and input for businesses to leverage on their marketing efforts.

Seeing is Believing

Another dynamic digital marketing trend emerging in 2018 is the use of visual media. It is predicted that website visitors would prefer to watch a video over reading text-based articles as digital technology enhances. This is the reason for social media networks such as Facebook have decided to proceed with live streaming.

More and more web users prefer live videos to be updated immediately on events and the latest news. They want to be notified on what is happening with the brand or business. Smart business owners and marketers could set themselves and their business apart from the rest to be more competitive in the marketplace with live videos. This is very effective in drawing more traffic to the site with more potential business leads.