Business owners and marketers who have deployed email marketing would know that there is more than a quick message sent out to their list of buyers or potential business leads. There is a need to build a healthy relationship with every member of the email list before sending out niche related emails regularly to ensure reading and engagement.

Email Marketing for Beginners

A new online business entrepreneur or marketer would need to know the basic essential steps in deploying email marketing successfully. This may require a proper understanding of email marketing and how it works before a proper implementation. It is necessary to know the difference between broadcast and drip campaigns as well as checking out videos as a possible online marketing strategy.

Email marketing can be used dynamically to create free and attractive offers to targeted or interested web visitors in exchange of their email addresses. These web visitors drop by from all walks of life with different purposes to be attracted by the brand or its offerings.

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo could bring a host of organic web traffic to the site with proper optimization.

These web visitors may enjoy reading the information posted on a blog site or webpage to want more of the same. If the website provides the necessary call to action in that post, these web visitors may click on the invitation of subscribing to the brand or company by giving their email address. The business owner or marketer may offer a free gift in exchange of the web visitor’s email address.


This simple action enables the marketer to make a connection with the web visitor who is a potential business customer. This reader may receive a confirmation email in their inbox which may require a click on the link to confirm their consent in receiving mail from the company. This is a “double opt-in email” which confirms an established connection between the potential business lead and marketer. The marketer or business owner could start sending out emails regularly to these web visitors in promoting their brand or product offerings.

Dynamics of Auto-responder

An auto-responder is a very useful emailing tool for business owners and marketers to get going on the market. The system is able to manage the emailing activities of the company by holding and distributing relevant mails to targeted or identified email recipients in its database. Marketers could conduct effective follow-up actions as part of their efficient marketing campaign to win over targeted audiences.

An auto-responder could be programmed to send out emails as well as answer emails sent to the company. It can be a very simple or highly sophisticated email marketing tool that could provide relevant information to potential and current customers with a reliable follow-up action that keeps the customers loyal to the company or brand.

Activating an Email Campaign

There are several steps in activating an email campaign successfully for first-timers.

First, the website must be built up properly to display and promote the brand, product or company. The design must be appealing and the structure must be easy to use.

Then, the constant traffic flow to the website opt-in page would be desired. This could be generated from popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for example. Traffic could also be generated from different related online forums as well as reputed article directories such as EzineArticles and HubSpot.

Finally, the business entrepreneur needs to understand the preferred audience behavior to develop the best of marketing strategies and campaigns. This may require relevant statistics which could be gathered and manipulated aptly using analytical tools such as the Search Console Analytics by Google.

Campaign Preference

An effective email marketing campaign could take on broadcast or drop email approach. These email marketing methods allow the web visitor to subscribe through an opt-in to the mailing list of the company. The “Broadcast” option is a manual system of sending out email notices to targeted or identified recipients depending on the preferred time by the marketer.

The Drip campaign sends out mails automatically and regularly using an auto-responder where pre-written emails would be set out according to the set times in the system. Such an email campaign is effective in building trust and confidence for branding and quality. Long lasting relations can be easily established to boost the brand presence in the market.

The Broadcast campaign sends out mails to mailing list subscribers only when there is a new post or special news which must be shared with the subscribers. All the subscribers on the mailing list would receive the mail at the same time.

Email Service Providers

An auto-responder service may require a cost which could be paid annually or monthly depending on the options preferred although there are a few free options. Aweber is one of the more popular auto-responder services in the market that offers a 30-day free trial with a monthly subscriber fee of $19. It is able to handle 500 subscribers. Another email service provider is MailChimp, which offers a free for those with fewer than 2000 subscribers; monthly emails of up to 12000 are allowed. There is no expiring trial or contract.

GetResponse offers a first month free trial with plans starting at $15 per month to handle 1000 subscribers or $49 for 5000 subscribers. Constant Contact has a 60-day free trial with a no risk-no credit card option. Its monthly plan is either $20 for maximum 500 subscribers or $45 for maximum 2500 subscribers. Then there is MadMimi with a basic monthly plan of $10 for maximum 500 subscribers or $42 for maximum 10,000 subscribers.

Getting Started

The getting started process is quite simple; business owners and marketers need to identify their online marketing campaign name and a branded email address. Then, a list of pre-written emails should be prepared before signing up for an auto-responder service.

An opt-in form should be created within the auto-responder according to requirements and specifications. Then, an attractive offer becomes the bait for web visitors to subscribe into the mailing list.

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