It can be clearly seen that e-commerce is impacting the business world today. This trend is on the upward motion with more and more businesses jumping onto the bandwagon. This follows the changing interests of web consumers who are keen to shop online from the comfort of their homes via modern technologies.

The change in buyers’ behavior and demand causes more businesses to take stock of what is lacking in their online marketing strategies and solutions as the number of online stores increases rapidly to boost a more competitive market. Thus, businesses need to stand out from the crowd to be set apart from their competitors. This is where many are adopting the dynamics of a Magento store which is impressive in looks and rich in features for a spike in their business representation.

There are various Magento tips that are useful in providing an effective online Magento store for businesses to build an impressive product landing page to spike their conversion rate.

1) Visual Content 

A dynamic website that would attract more web visitors must have certain elements to make it successful in the business. This includes a vibrant landing page that is well designed and structured with the right features that would entice web visitors to linger on and take the right course of action according to the stipulated call to action response by the company.

The apt use of visual contents such as interesting images, pictures and videos can boost the market visibility of the brand and company. Putting images or visual contents on the landing page is an excellent marketing approach to interest or captivate web visitors’ attention and curiosity.

However, visuals should be of high quality and unique to captivate the attention of web users. Large images are preferred to help web users focus on the details. If possible, zooming should be allowed. 3D images give a better impact than 2D options.

2) Induce Customer Feelings

It is good to have textual contents which help in enhancing the online marketing SEO strategy as well as describe the products and their benefits. Contents must be properly produced to be interesting, relevant and up-to-date to entice web visitors to become addicted shoppers or loyal customers. These would not leave the web page but click the ‘add to cart’ button for sales.

A lengthy description should be avoided as this could bore web visitors who prefer to read short and clear information about the brand, product or service on a webpage. The way the information is presented is very instrumental in inducing the right emotions on web visitors who would make a decisive action towards the brand or company.

3) Activate Wish List Feature

Many customers may not seem to have any specific plan in most of their purchases as many may be simply surfing the web for offers or something that strikes their fancy; this may instigate an impromptu purchase decision. Hence, business owners and marketers need to have a customer wish-list that provides a stimulant to purchases by web visitors.

There should be various offers and product variations that could interest or inspire web visitors to the site. While surfing, web visitors may come upon an item which they may be interested in to save for later or buy immediately. The onus is on business owners and marketers to provide a user-friendly saving process that would encourage web visitors to save and take further action. Here the website should incorporate the availability of bookmarks. However, adding the preferred products to a wish list is not only innovative but also easy for the web visitors.

4) Leverage on Customer Reviews

Every business would have satisfied or happy customers who are willing to provide favorable reviews and feedback on the brand or products and services rendered. Smart business owners and marketers should leverage these to their marketing benefit. Every web visitor should have access to these reviews and feedback because these testimonials are highly effective to influence other shoppers on brand and company.

Many customers tend to buy merchandise that is highly recommended by current and past buyers or users as the latter provides the necessary information about the quality and usefulness of the product or service they may want. Many modern consumers are smart buyers today to go through customer reviews and feedback before making a purchase. Such consumer behavior helps consumers to make wise purchases without regret.

In Magento, this feature is readily available for businesses to include and display customer reviews for web visitors. There is an extension feature for detailed ratings to give more information to the serious potential buyer.

5) Showcase Out-of-Stock Products 

Customers should be allowed to view any out-of-stock product so that they will not waste their time searching. This is a good customer relationship building component where customers are updated on what is available and what is not. The system that keeps the customers informed on stock availability would win them over, especially if the customers receive notifications when the product is available again.

The system should encourage interested customers to join the company’s customer database through its well-designed and properly managed mailing list subscription where customers could be notified on back-in-stock products. A pre-ordering service helps to enhance the customer relations and boost conversion rates leading to higher sales.

6) Guaranteed Services

Businesses that are confident of their high-quality products and services should be bonded to offer a guarantee on its web pages regarding their products and services. Such guarantees should be clearly displayed with each product to offer shoppers the desired quality and reliability reassurance from the brand and company.

Moreover, such guarantee offers are effective in attracting more customers to the business shores to boost sales. When good services are offered without tight restraints, consumers feel comfortable to go with the company.


A well-designed and properly managed landing page on a website is very effective in its role of drawing targeted audiences to its shores. The landing page can be a vital marketing instrument to impress intended customers to consider the brand and its products or services offered.