Today I want to introduce you a little app that I use all the time, it’s called, Atomic Alarm Clock, its the 6.3 beta version is the latest December 2017 version that I know of at this time and its made by a company called The Drive Software Company. Just so you know, I’m not selling this app.

I’m basically showing it you for no other reason other than I use it all the time and because I use the alarm function to remind me of webinars that I’ve got coming up. I got fed up with missing them to often and so the reason I got the Atomic Alarm Clock was the alarm feature, and so I thought to share this feature with you guys today. Maybe you will find it useful too.


All is explained in the video 11.4 mins long.

Oh, Yeh and a nice discount code offered to you by the developer at the end should you see the potential in it and opt to buy it too.  Enjoy